Vista free!

Sorry Mickeysoft, you got me with ME; be sure and drop me a note when you ship the next real Windows upgrade.


Gates predicted that the pace of technological change over the next decade would be dramatically faster than anything ever seen before.

So maybe 2012 for the next one.

Why all the bitterness my brother?

Because I bought ME :)

Win 95 was the last OS that had me really excited. No more Winsock32 issues. Multi-Thread so that I could really run 2 programs at once. Since then it has only been an improvement. Nothing earth shattering new that you have to have.

All of you MS haters….what gives? I love Billy, he is my hero.

I’m no MS hater. It’s purely Vista (and that farkin keyboard I got at home).

And maybe SourceSafe.

Ahh, yes. SourceSafe.

I especially liked the feature of the Visual Studio (or whatever their c++ ide was called), that prompted you for each and every file that it was going to update. Really handy for those 50+ people projects with 10k+ files. Yes yes!

Someone’d better get DirectX 10 running on XP quick.

I’m tempted to try BioVista anyway… :)

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