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It’s your duty to upgrade one box to Vista, Oliver. You can’t blather on about it until you’ve lived the dream (or whatever).

Stop being all I’maubercoderandI’mtoogoodtoupgradetothenewOSthatabunchofouruserswillbeusingsoIhaveatleastacluewhattheproblemsthey’rehavingareandwhysoIcanactuallyfixthingssothestuffIputoutworksoneveryone’sboxandbesidesitmakesmelookallcoolandanti-establishmentlikeI’mbuckingBillGatesandtheEmpireeventhoughIlikeMSbecauseitactuallyworksanddoesthingsnormalpeoplelikedoingunlikethatnichepileofoverpricedgarbagethatpeoplecallMacughIthinkIjustvomitedinmymouthatthemerementionofthatnoonemakesgamesforexcrementandyouknowI’dlovetopunchthoselyingmisrepresentingMacadwritersslashproducersinthemouthforputingoutthecraptheydoalthoughIdoenjoyHodgemanbuttheMacguyisanannoyingsmuglittletwerpwhoneedsmostofthelengthofhistonguepulledfromhissnidelittlemouthandwrappedaroundhisneckandIthinkImayhavewanderedfromwhereyouareandmoreintowhereIamwithallthatwellnevermindyougettheideaandIamoutofherethanksbye.


Hey, Look. I broke Ollie’s blog. Woot!


I have a Vista box running at home, or I wouldn’t comment on it. The license expires in 7 days, in 6 days I’ll be removing the installation.

So that means in 5 days it’ll burst into flames? :)


As for Vista, kind of depends on what environment your planning to run it as to wether it’s worth upgrading.

I work in education. We where just recently sent a government requested study of Vista & Offcie 2007. They could find no features that were worth upgrading to Vista for, and because if it’s system overheads even calculated what it would cost PC’s to run it OK (that ddinlt include running AERO).
They suggested that even if you plan to upgrade to Vista you should wait until after teh first service pack, stating that XP only became a real safe & stable OS after it’s 2nd service pack.

Now of course,the education sector is always behind most others.

As for your home system, well I got to have a play with Vista on it’s release day on my friends PC with a DirectX 10 video card in it. Looked very nice. We had trouble playing some games, mainly due to Nvidia only having beta drivers out, but most played fine.

At the moment the only feature which looks realy interesting is the ability to use solite state drives as RAM. Has a lot of potential.

I know a lot of people are comparing to Vista to the abomination that was ME, but I’d say ot too early to say if it’s the next must have OS or just window dressing.

For me, my PC will be staying with XP Pro SP2 for the time being.

I f’ng hate html!

I work in Federal Government, we have had XP Pro in our approved base line for about 9 months.
Vista is a good 3 years out for us.

At home, I may replace the Family computer in the den with a vista box. For my gaming rig and work computer, I’ll wait for VistaSP1, and even then my not switch. It will take some app or game that will only run on Vista to get me to switch.

I don’t even use XP SP2… :) SP1 full updated FTW.

Whatever VISTA is…it’ll be different for SP1 because so many are resisting the switch. Who cares if it has dropped the drop-down boxes? Most people can’t figure out how to map network printers and thats good for IT hiring.

MS is sold to IT people. Its not meant to be “easier”. Just virus and worm free. I have been super-double-clicking with SpyBot S&D before anything gets to touch my registry. Most people looking at me do that think I’m a pr0n hog and over-protective. And I am, so far as you know, BUT – my point is (and I digressed) – most people don’t want or *think* they need the protection. They HATE clicking. They don’t care that something is trying to modify something because all computers do is MODIFY and they don’t want to know how.

Whatever VISTA is…its too much, too hard, too clicky, and offers only things that people can already do with XP. Graphics, Email, Powerpoint.

Where’s the killer app? multi-tasking, multi-windows, print while you type and surf the web while you play music…we’re doing that.

Don’t hate it – just goggle at the price paid for the over-engineering.

Now – if it worked on MAC, like MAC works with Windows- that’d be smart. IF it converted all Windows stuff to Linux and back seamlessly? HEY! If it gave you virus protection and virtual data back-up free for consumers? KATIE GET YOUR MOM!

soooo…MS went too far with too little change and too much money. VISTA is the cocaine of the Microsoft world….proof you can have too much money and so will buy something you don’t need that requires more money than you would ever ever have. It is not the end of the world. But it is the beginning of the end of Microsoft.

Ha! I still use Win2K. Old school, yo!

Ow, my hip….

OS/X ftw! :)

See my post (above) of FEB 5th!!

from today’s CNN page:

Microsoft CEO: Vista sales forecasts too bold
Ballmer says revenue will mirror PC sales in 2008, says willing to spend to compete with Google for customers.
February 15 2007: 7:15 PM EST

SEATTLE (Reuters) — Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said Thursday analysts’ forecasts for revenue from Windows Vista in fiscal 2008 were “overly aggressive,” sending shares down 1 percent.

The world’s biggest software maker cautioned analysts that Vista sales will remain closely aligned to new computer sales. Ballmer said Vista would create a “small surge” in PC sales in fiscal 2008, but would not spur a big increase over normal growth rates.

Microsoft warns of security flaws

Video More video

Nokia’s CEO says the company is moving to marry its wireless services with the Internet. (February 12)
Play video

“It looks like people are a little bit over optimistic, at least more optimistic than we are,” Ballmer said in a presentation to analysts.

In January, Microsoft made available to consumers the newest version of its Windows operating system, called Vista. Windows runs on more than 95 percent of the world’s computers and represents the company’s biggest profit driver.

Analysts on average expect Microsoft to generate sales of $56.4 billion in fiscal 2008, which starts on July 1, which would be an increase of 12 percent from this year’s estimates, according to Reuters Estimates. Earnings per share are expected to rise 15 percent to $1.69 in fiscal 2008.

Ballmer also forecast Microsoft’s fiscal 2008 operating expenses would be “somewhat less” than the previous year, likely a bit below $2.7 billion.

“We will have moderating growth in operating expenses next year, but I wouldn’t expect a huge drop,” Ballmer said.

Last year, Microsoft shares fell sharply after the company disclosed a plan to increase spending to beef up its online business.

Ballmer also said Microsoft did not plan any major strategy shifts in how it returns cash to shareholders through buybacks and other means.

He added the company was willing to spend money to acquire online customers as it battles for share against rival Google Inc. (Charts).

Ballmer expected operating margins in Microsoft’s Office and Windows businesses to be stable over the next few years.

Microsoft (Charts) shares fell 1.1 percent in extended trading after finishing slightly lower in Thursday trade on the Nasdaq.

vista blows.

wtf is the linux cliet for ww2ol based on LSB standards.

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