Guess that’ll show me

I think Jeff Freeman finally connected ‘kfsone’ with some of my old, SWG-beta comments. It’s the only reason I can think why the worlds leading MMO development blog would have done this to me:


I don’t usually agree with what Jeff has to say in the part of the page blocked by the pop-up anyway, although I do miss the ability to scroll up/down.

Just doing my bit, Jeff. Sorry for pilfering, Scott.


So .. after chasing a few links .. Second Life is even worse a scam than I thought possible ..

ewww…… you use ie 7. How’d you get it to run under Linux :)

Who doesn’t use IE?

I sure as hell don’t. Firefox all the way.

But seriously, I missed the go live day and the ensuing chaos and frustration. I did start playing by August. There was a lot of key board chatter back then. Not much else to do while you sat on a truck going somewhere, you hoped. Or running miles ermm km to get to your target.

IE is one of those few products that has sufficient qualities to overcome its ownership. IE is a browser of good stock – i.e. the half of the NCSA Mosaic team that didn’t include Marc Andreesen.

SecondLife has treated me well. I found a niche and am generating several hundred dollars revenue a month. The two million free accounts given away is misleading but player numbers are growing and I have seen an increase in sales along with it.

Opera all the way and Avant as frontend of IE 6.

Wait. What did Freeman do to you?

I don’t think he actually did anything – the trick is to get Jeff’s name in context as often as possible with the other keywords, to boost his page rank/vistor numbers/etc. :)

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