Next EQ2 Expansion

EoF has been a fairly successful expansion, so pundits have already been speculating for a while now on what the next expansion will be.

One set of evidence points towards the introduction of planar content – changes to Ferrott reintroducing the fear portal surrounded by a number of fear mobs. I like to think that there are indicators of Sony building up to the opening of the “ruined” druid rings so that portage becomes easier.

EoF would appear to have been a success – at the very least, most people appear to like the expansion content – excepting the faeries and lesser faydark (aka totally gayerdark). Someone seriously misunderstood when they were told ‘like gfay but with more spunk’. That leaves the world a little “good” biased – Kelethin is a hell of a lot nicer as a home city than Freeport or Qeynos. And one of the best citys so far, IMHO.

An evil city might be a good bet for a next expansion and it seems Sony have moved to trademark a new Kunark name. Some people really liked the Kunark expansion of EQ1, but I honestly don’t think it was the best, and I have no special attachment to Kunark – I’d sooner see Velious again. Kunark, however, has some of the least “shoeboxy” of the zones, it had some feel of a continent to it; Velious less so. I seem to recall Luclin being absolutely horrible for it.

The trouble with a Planar expansion is that the lore than changes the face of Norrath doesn’t neccessarily apply to the planes, so presumably they’d be very similar to the EQ1 versions, and how will players receive that?

If SoE are going with Kunark, I wonder if a one-zone Cabilis is in the works. We already have lizardmen, so potentially there might not be a new race; on the other hand, we could always populate Cabalis with undead avatars of EQ1 characters ;)


Well, it seems to me that EoF is the “even more good than the good guys” area when compared to the old good guys of Qeynos. In D&D terms, EoF would be [i]lawful good[/i] and Qeynos became just [i]neutral good[/i].
If I had to guess, I would say that Freeport will become the [i]neutral evil[/i] zone and they will create a [i]lawful evil[/i] place to host the truly bad to the bone guys.

If there’s such a thing in EQ1, that’ll be it.

Heh, wrong code :P

My money’s on Kunark as the next expansion. Maybe with Odus as an adventure pack.

Can’t presume the planes will be the same as EQ1s. For the following reason:

[edited from this article ]
“Those who reached the very end game of the Everquest 1 expansion Planes of Power managed to travel back in time, to the moments before Zebuxoruk’s imprisonment. There they fight off the gods themselves, and free him. But at the very last moment before he imparts great and terrible information to the players, the demi-goddess of magic, Druzzil Ro appears, stating that his knowledge is too great to ever be known, that should mortals become gods the very fabric of reality could unravel. Then, turning back time yet again, she returns the players to the very moment before they ventured into Plane of Time, preventing their rescue from ever happening. It was from this moment, where Druzzil Ro turned back the clock, altering time forever, that according to EQ2 lore, the timelines split, where the timeline that EQ1 was, and continues to be, based on went in one direction, and those that formed the terrible events of the past 500 years in the shattered lands creates the world of EQ2.”

So, if Planes are to make an EQ2 comeback, and if the zone developers apply the same creative nous in building the EQ2 planes as they did in creating EoF zones (and others) then I really look forward to it.

The Cabilis Iksar were intensely xenophobic; heck, they don’t even like the other tribes of Iksar. I can’t see them being happy at all about sharing their city with other races.

I expect Cabilis to have been destroyed in the shattering, and the lizards to have cleared the Outpost area of elves and drolvarg and settled in the zone once known as Firiona Vie.

The evil outpost in Overthere was crappy and near overrun with sarnak anyway. The Iksar would definitely prefer a much nicer place like Firiona Vie — they just need to recarve that huge statue a little.

True Tipa. I believe that the Iksars of Cabilis will be a lot harder to befriendthen the high elves of (Felwithe) New Tunare.

I believe if the kunark expansion does arive, the new home city will have to be something else. Cabilis seams like it would definitely fit the evil alternative to New Tunare. The only other races i could think of that could be a new player race would have to be either “Giants, Dryders, or Burynai”. The Burynai are too round to fit into armor, the dryders would need a whole new kind of armor, the giants would just need BIG armor lol.

i think cabiliss will have been destroyed and the next playibal race will be the people who owned chardock i cant remember there names long time since ive played eq1 and the next city will be ither chardok or they will have taken over fv and colonised that as a new city

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Velious was by far the most popular of the EQ1 expansions from my 5 years playing it and even the discussions I have had in EQ2 strengthen that opinion. I would really like to see some new AA for each class in the next expansion as well as a slew of new crafting recipies. I would be really upset to see Planes of Power 2 as for myself and most of the old time players was the last straw with EQ1.

Would really like to see some much more difficult content as well.

More contested FFA epics as well.

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