Sony, sell me some gold!

I found myself beleaguredly browsing the market for Fury equipment on Befallen. My little coin purse had but 1 (one) shiny platinum coin, 183 gold coins and enough silver/copper to root our Necro to the ground beyond recovery.

It hit me today, like a lightning bolt: Most of my equipment and gear comes from the broker. I’m already conditioned to “buy” my gear rather than achieve it. And, personally, I gain no sense of achievement from putting myself through gruelling hoops to get the virtual money  in order to buy items and spells that seem to refuse to drop for me. I already do that for 8-14 hours a day, and I’m telling ya, the coin rate on those 8-14 hours is actually way more fun than the coin rate in EQ2.

So here’s my suggestion: SoE should choose a few servers and mark them for Coin Purchasable. Any coin that is purchased from SoE is kept separately (as “Tainted Coin”) from regular coin, although they can be mixed when purchasing. However: Anything that a player purchases with Tainted Coin is automatically marked as No Trade (to stop RMT farmers profiteering off items bought for cash).

I know some people will be writhing in their seats at the thought that they will work hard to get an Umber Urn of Ubuntu from Urg the Ulmighty while some jackass just comes in and buys it off the broker with plat he bought from Sony.

But honestly, go back to sucking your thumb: it was already saleable in-game – someone was going to buy it. The difference was that until now that someone was always going to be some obnoxious camping/gold-farming sumbitch, or just some lucky necro who always seems to get the phat lewtz and so is disgustingly in-game rich, and rich off your back too.

So, c’mon Sony, sell me some gold.


I’d rather they just ditched the whole markeplace idea and returned to achievement based equipment. They could make every item in the game no_drop no_sell no_value for all I care as long as they put in a bit of code to prioritize the random drops to be usable by the person or persons doing the looting. Great equipment should be the sign of great adventures completed not who can work the market best and gets more lucky rolls.

Eh…. I can see what you’re driving at but I think you’re going too far with it. I think SOE did a great thing by making the T6+ fabled gear non-tradeable for the most part. You *HAVE* to earn that gear now, it’s not just bought.

And not everyone necessarily gets all their stuff off the broker. A lot of people go out and keep hitting instances until what they want drops. So I could see it work to a degree but the community would be in an uproar.

Take a peice of paper. List every fantasy item that you’ve ever wanted on it under a heading called “I own”. At the bottom of the page write “I’m so l337” in large capital letters.

There ya go. I just saved you time and money.

I think it’d be swings and round abouts tho; if they tried to put a “cant-but-with-taint” on some items, it would re-open the appeal of farmed RMT gold. However – with Sony selling the gold, hopefully for less than the gold farmers, it would help flush them out and put the items they were farming/cycling back into the economy proper.

Hog’s just described almost verbatim the bio of every other toon running around my EQ2 server.

However, most of the stuff you can buy on the broker is mostly blah drops from everyday mobs. True, master spells are the main aim of most farmers but everything else that’s tradeable is pap. Anything that’s really worthwhile having is a no-trade drop from quests/raids. There are a few exceptions though. So while visiting the broker is a useful way of filling in gaps between sought-after items I have to say I don’t view it as badly as you’re making it out to be.

Which just makes me wonder all the more why it matters if people buy the gold to buy that stuff. Effort and labor are still distinguishable. I guess I don’t understand how one’s own sense of achievement is rooted in someone else passage thru the same rites – and that’s not meant snidely: maybe that’s why I didn’t feel the standard compulsion to get a degree before embarking on my career.

In the meantime, all that stuff that is already being sold virtually, i.e. on the broker, if people can buy the gold for it from Sony, how can that possibly be bad? Chances are they’d go to a gold farmer anyway, but if they go to Sony instead, it can’t do anything but hurt the gold farmers, can it?

Kfsone wrote:

“I guess I don’t understand how one’s own sense of achievement is rooted in someone else passage thru the same rites ”

For me it is about prestige and accomplishment. If the +56 Molten Chocolate Sword is only available by killing the Giant Blueberry Flan. Then seeing someone with the sword means they’ve conquered that challenge and denotes a certain skill level (or friends with that skill level) in game. Conquering the tougher challenges the game has to offer is one of the reasons I enjoy MMORPG’s. The items you get from doing such are the badges showing that you’re able defeat those challenges. If the badges are available to purchase for x ammount of money then they don’t have any meaning anymore.

Maybe it is a case of “I’m so 1337”, but if it is then I’m guilty as charged. I play a fantasy MMO to be a hero. Unfortunatly you’re awash in a sea of heroes from the very beginning. Being “1337”, defeating the toughest challenges having the most powerful equipment, is a way to feel like a hero amongst heroes. Heh maybe it’s like passive agressive PvP.

I actually wrote this before seeing that Sony had released their insights into Station Exchange:

soooo…they will give the game for free and capture revenue by selling to the ‘farmers’ and allowing them to create/re-sell the items.

And how does that fix the problem of the “Chocolate Molten Sword” not being earned, but purchased? They say that they won’t sell ‘game-impacting’ items. How will that stop/ban farming?

I say it won’t.

Because, as Laccy points out, not everything is farmable. It’s about creating a backbone for the economy which allows players some flexibility. Some people build their own homes, but how many of those build their own sink?

And not everyone cares so much about achieving equipment/gear. To some people that stuff is just means to an ends, the ends being seeing new content, teaming with buddies, etc, etc.

Cool, looks like you’re scheduled for spamination on the 25th of the month. Gotta like dependability. ;)

Awww, you nuked my sarcastic post. :)

It’s interesting that their spambots are somewhat smart about the targets they hit; it’s always this article.

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