Bedford – the land the restaurants forgot

I gotta get myself a driver’s license. Bedford sucks for restaurants and there are so few places around here that deliver. There are a few delivery services in Fort Worth and Dallas that offer menus from various restaurants, but so far not a one delivers to Bedford, or even H-E-B.

What makes it even worse is the number of places that sites like Yellow Pages’ Switchboard list as delivery but they actually mean ‘drive thru’.


Excuse my ignorance, but coming from southend, essex, uk, I really have no idea what the distances between these places are…

The other extreme is no better. You might live in Addison.

Pizza and Beer. It’s all you’ll ever need.

With mail order home brewing all you need is pizza delivery.

Dunno what your experience level is, but if it would meet your needs, maybe a few Convention participants that are bringing vehicles would be interested in volunteering to accompany you for hour sessions while you get some steering-wheel time in mall parking lots. I’d volunteer if I was going to be there.

You could always learn how to cook for yourself.
You can make anything you want and save money.

And don’t say you don’t have the time.

IT: On what piece of evidence did you base your assumption that I don’t?

Defting, if Bedford is Southend-on-Sea, Fort Worth is Grays, Dallas would be almost Colchester or possibly Bishop Stortford. At a quick estimate.

Check out google earth.

Also, remember, this town is incredibly anti-pedestrian with the exception of a few small areas, which are most often grossly expensive.

While Addison is the other extreme with the most restaurants per capita west of the Mississippi, there is development there that almost looks like a normal city, with sidewalks and nice places to walk to. But it isn’t quite at critical mass and it needs an anchor (good grocery store and a movie theater would make it much better – hell, I’d move there then).

Mmm. I worked at a place called IDA (Ad agency) in Bishop’s Stortford. They had a really good chinese, I think, or mongolian or something. There was a little village-green type pub at a place called, I think, Cock’s Green or something. Did awesome ham baps.

I don’t live that far from Bishop’s Stortford, both of my kids went to school there.

In Spain towns are built like this:
Someone builds a bar and then the town starts to grow surrounding it. There are towns without church, police station, school or parks, but without bar? Not a single one.
And if there’s a bar you can eat.

Kfsone: I base this on the fact that you’re too lazy to get a license. ;)

IT: Its not laziness that keeps me from getting a license, and I actually enjoy cooking (in a decent kitchen, mine is not so much fun. Doesn’t mean I don’t like to order out sometimes, just sucks not having much choice :)

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