C&C 3 Demo out


Holy crap, this is so C&C it hurts, hurts so good. Plays more on the Red Alert 2 side then Tiberium Sun side (thank god for that) and is just a ton of fast paced super awesome fun. Looks great, runs great on my modest rig and just… wow.

Easting, you may have to power level yourself tonight :) Laccy, I can hear the bags forming under your eyes ;)


Last few nights have been spent hanging my new television (pics to follow, tonight).

I really enjoyed all the C&C games. I wasn’t great at it, but got to be semi-salty once I learned the keyboard shortcuts. No way you could compete with just a mouse. I always liked the formation movements. This looks very interesting :)

I played the demo and it was ‘meh’.

The acting is meh. Not bad not good. Well, I shouldn’t say acting. The actors are great. The camera angles terrible. They should have made it more movie like instead of having the camera be ‘first person.’ Then of course there is the obligatory hot azn girl.

Gameplay is also meh. I’ve been spoiled by Company of Heroes. Relic did such an incredible job at making a diverse and detailed RTS. The concept of cover, was suppose to be in C&C (so I was told). I didn’t see that at all. They have infantry act like a squad now. But really I don’t see the point of that. CoH squads are more detailed. Every man matters.

C&C 3 seems like a meat grinder. Build units send at enemy. Multiplayer will probably be interesting. I see some nice tatical elements, for instance, queue’ing defensive buildings and placing them as an attack comes.

Looks like EAs hypemachine is on full crunch. Allthough I would not expect any less for a title like C&C.

C&C3 sounds interesting.

But what about, Company of Heros? Is it good?

Company of Heroes is fantastic. Easily one of the best games I have played in a few years. I have spent many nights just playing multiplayer with a friend for hours on end. The game just looks and feels great. They did a bang up job with every aspect of it. If there is a demo (I think there is) I suggest downloading it immediatly

Finally home. Now I get to try the demo myself. The only RTS i have been intersted recently is the spellforce series. Its a hybrid RPG/RTS. The fact that you can play RPG when you get tired of RTS and vice versa keeps the game interesting and fresh. I never get bored.

Company of heroes was okay but after finishing the campaign (which got a bit tedious towards the end) I didnt have much interest towards the game. RTS multiplayer just doesnt draw me in like it used to.

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