Station Access Price Bump

Refreshing to see someone applying some thought to the recently proposed bump in price of the Station Pass. Honestly, the price is a bit much for me – I occasionally take a poke at other SoE games, but I really only play the one.

But its a relief to see someone smart enough to realize its too soon for V:SoH to be bumping the station cost, asking rational questions and getting a quite interesting response :)

Now if I could just figure out how to cancel my Access subscription and go back to a regular EQ2 sub… I found one page where clicking Cancel Subscription says “You can’t cancel your subscription until the account is closed”, and then there is this page where clicking “Cancel Subscription” brings back the same page:


All I want is to shut down the station pass and start paying for EQ2 directly. Bah!


There isn’t one bro. I cancelled my access pass and I have to wait until it’s really cancelled until I can resub with just an EQ2 sub. wacky!

Fark – has Ramp been moonlighting, dammit? :)

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