Weapons of Choice: Readme.book

I was taking a little break from reading classical stuff, and having been spending only a little time in the battlefield lately so my WWII-curioisity was up a little. It’s not the kind of thing I read. But I thought, what the hey. You’ve gotta branch out, take a risk now and again – I think I’ve dropped into the habbit of buying books only from authors I’ve had two good reads from before.

The premise is somewhat like Final Countdown – drop an advanced, 21st century anti-terror fleet into the US carrier fleet on its way to Midway.

But the similarity ends there abruptly, not least because they clearly aren’t going home. The book opens aggressively, letting you know its not going to be nonsense; the author pays in advance for the incredibly weak “transition”. But once the “sci fi” part is out of the way, he leaps on in and starts doing damage.

The story certainly went in directions I wasn’t anticipating, some of the twists made me uncomfortable because I misjudged where they were going; Birmingham doesn’t give free or easy victories and a large dose of realism and a little careful plot working makes things far from foregone conclusions.

I just placed my order for books 2 and 3 :)


This has been a favourite amongst ANZAC for some time now.

Thanks, I will have to check it out.

I consider it a guilty pleasure; it’s not high art, but it does make you wonder what happens next. As soon as I see the sequel in paperback, I’ll probably grab it.

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