Lil’ update

Got the last of the gang into court of coin and started on call of Ro. Only 3 of us tonight but I wasn’t really planning to play. Watched an episode of Lost and Pick of Destiny.

Think my TiVo arrives tomorrow, along with Designated Targets (the sequel to Weapons of Choice).

Chatted a bit more with some of the Legends of Faydark people I know, and although we’re starting to see the beginnings of some DoF quest lines – primarily Pillars of Flames, I’ve no idea where to get anything to do with Clefs of Rujark – I’m more and more inclined towards the idea that our EQ2 adventure might last longer (and be less frenetic) if we get into a guild like Legends. I noticed a few Mark of Ruin people have been on lately, but there you go.

The Flavia machine has won Animal over. Next time you wanna buy a Rat a gift, rails of Italian Roast or English Breakfast Tea are most welcome ;) If you happen to be in England, the Royal Blend or “Selection” would be appreciated; tried ordering them from here but their site wouldn’t let me.

Tomorrow is an all-hands meeting and movie day, company is taking us to see 300.

I’ve got some work to do to fix a weird issue where the training server is not listing brigades and I need to finish the TOE tools I’m working on so I can roll something into testing on beta early next week.


Maybe ?

I have no experience with them.

Or a pallet of Mountain Dew would do nicely for those of us who don’t drink hot liquids.

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