Meat atlast in Desert of Flames

Finally put some EQ2 time in this weekend after a little bit of a hiatus. Having seen Easting get full membership of Legends of Faydark over the weekend, given that all the members I’ve met have been fun to group with andgiven that Legends seem to be everywhere we go (congruence), I’m definitely going to be looking this week at Legends’ charter and our possible migration. Granik is OK with the idea and Ramp and Toto haven’t voiced any objections.

Old-world and Faydwer content really conditions you to expect quest abundance, but after 50 there is a shift from quantity to quality – or at least duration.

Those of you who are trying EQ2 from reading my blog entries, the 50-barrier is going to be uncomfortable – even painful – if you’re not in a guild.

We’ve been floundering in Desert of Flames:The quests we have gotten have been grindy and tedious and not really very challenging, and getting entry to the courts mayhave killed our group adventures in Norrath. But I have hope – because over the weekend Granik and I finally made Shimmering Citadel and suddenly things are looking up :)

Thus far Desert of Flames has been damnedannoying for its attempts at novelty – there are the non-epic mobs that have epic properties like the orc in the northwest corner of Pillars who simply killed our group with a melee hit but isn’t distinguished from a regular even ^^^ – and the bugs/geometry issues that haven’t been fixed – if you turn in your collections to the guy in the Tower of the Moon, he still only gives you rewards for one of the quests after all this time.

But the promise of DoF is quests with a little mental-muscle power required, and Shimmering Citadel starts to hint at that. Plus it’s not desert.

We also picked up the Ashen Order quests and did some of the Swiftrider quests, and I finished the Dalgin quests to get myself onto the Peacock line. Granik and I did some of Malguin’s gift quests in the court of coin, so we’re finally past our little impasse, as long as the rest of our gang haven’t lost interest yet.

I doubt this week is going to be a particularly frequent EQ2 week for us, work is gearing up as we near the end of this dev cycle, but hopefully our little gang can get back on the same track by the end of the week and we can show Ramp/Toto/Killer some of the new content we’ve stumbled upon and by next week maybe we’ll have some clue as to what we’re going to be doing the next few levels :)

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