Go sandscrawlers

Hotfix March / 13 / 2007
*** Pillars of Flame ***
– Sand goblins will now render in a timelier manner.

How about the Bloodhorns in Steamfont? :) 

On a related note, I think I figured out what causes the invisible MSPs. Will test a fix tomorrow.

Update: Ok, I have to admit I was sceptical, so I went and looked


and lo – it was good :)



I had no idea the graphics in EQ2 was that bad. Looks like some of the open source games i’ve tried where the graphics were done by the junior coder in his time off.

Yeah, those shots don’t show much. There are some pretty cool things to be seen though.

heh that’s cause Kfs plays in ugly mode. Further heightened by his ugly compressed screenshots. I’d say EQ2 is the most visually impressive MMO out there. Vanguard surpasses it in some areas, but falls behind in others. WoW is a joke.

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