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I’m not above admitting I’m wrong. A little while ago I was defending the position that introducing a system to allow the HCs to change ownership of a town directly after capture would be merely rotating the problem by 90 degrees.

I was re-testing some code, that’s already in the game but disabled, which says that the first ground brigade moved into a newly captured town determines the country of ownership.

The counter argument that came to mind was that the problem is not one of towns merely somehow getting the wrong ownership, but of enemy players causing it to happen – i.e. griefing.

While its true that its possible for an HC officer to “accidentally” move a British brigade into a town that was meant to be French, it won’t be done out of malice which puts it in a totally different category of frustration.

Further more – when we originally accepted the argument that it wasn’t fixing the problem, we didn’t have the announcements and veto system.

The “no GM changes” rule could stand.

If we weren’t working right now on TOEs, yes it would make sense to stop and actually do something about the country/country problem. But by the same measure if the issue was merely one of towns getting the wrong ownership by unfortunate mishap and if we didn’t already have the code written, it would warrant standing back.

But it isn’t, its about a matter of griefing. So I guess I’ll try and see if I can convince the production team.


I’m in. Ownership means that it owns the town completely to the occupying force. That’s a win. If they screw it up they can move out and move someone else in.

If the whole issue is about griefing by mis capping something that is. I get a feeling the issue is deeper than that but fixing that will bring to light whatever the deeper issues might be.

I don’t know what the “no GM changes” rule is. Back when I was the Game Manager (not in game GM) I had standing policy that I would change ownership of anything allied they asked for. They are the HC of the place if Churchill wants to give a position to Patton instead of Monty, what do I care?

Gophur has been assimilated.

I mean’t in-game GM :) And yes, there is a much deeper issue – which is what we are slogging away on TOEs for – but this isn’t it; its a part of it, for sure, but I certainly feel I failed to truly cognize the fact that this part is about griefing, and I think I’m largely responsible for subsequently persuading the production team that even though we had code for it, it would count as a “change” in between dev cycles and that wasn’t good because we were dealing with the larger issue.

As I said earlier, tho, this tiny piece of it is about griefing, it doesn’t remotely try to address any of the larger scale issues – once the ownership is set, you gotta lose the town to do this again.

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