Trac doing nicely

As I mentioned before, we’ve started using Trac. I hope a few of you are still pointing at the screen and staring in horror at the fact that 6 years into the project we’re just starting to use a fault tracking system. I know I am.

After I get out from under TOEs, I might have to take a look at whether its possible to integrate it better with our closed beta forums. Right now Gophur posts the active current-beta tickets over into their own threads on the beta forums, but that’s really reinventing the wheel.


I’ve been really, really, really politely not saying anything about that, just pushing to get one in. I figured it wouldn’t help.

I still think we (non-CRS testers) need a better view of the list than what it’s got now, but baby steps.

I’m just spoiled by the tools I use. Our trouble ticketing system lets us smoothly address 80-500 trouble tickets per 12.5 hour shift, keeping them all prioritized by severity, impact, age, and company.

Err… bad phrasing. “I figured it wouldn’t help to state my horror.”, not that the ticketing system wouldn’t help. :)

Using what ticket system, Krenn?

We use a moderately customized and extended version of BMC’s Remedy product. It’s pretty much defacto for large organizations, I’ve found.

We don’t just do incident management with it, but also problem management, change management, partial configuration management, escalation management, and a half dozen other ITIL functions.

My world generally looks like this, though:

That’s a very, VERY quiet day. There’s usually 30-40 open tickets in my name.


What gets me, these sort of ticketing/management products all appear to have been designed by some business weenie trying to cram on as much junk as possible into one page without thinking about HCI and time-and-motion.

we use HP/servicedesk which feels like some monstrous oracle forms application – the previous helpdesk app we had to use didnt even have a clear and obvious list of jobs that you could order/prioritise so i had to write some php code and reverse engineer their schema (which was a fun exercise at the time)

my general problem is spending more time closing the job within the app than you spend fixing the core problem – in my mind that’s a broken business process.

— asnaed

Yeah, the forms are pretty overly busy, but it’s also largely fields we rarely use. The biggest annoyance I have is that I need to flip from the details tab to the assignment tab and back sometimes, but in general I’m just working with the log and that’s it.

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