Doo de-doo doo-doo

Ok, well I found the invisible MSP bug and as far as I was able to tell, fixed it. That’s what I get for naming a variable “byPlayer” when it should have been “originatedHere”: of course, when a player leaves the chat host and I go to delete the waypoints/msps on his mission, those aren’t being requested byPlayer – but they did originateHere. /blush

Also got a little host patch ready for 1.25 that tackles the episodic map host crash once every 7-10 days or so, and undoes some adjustments to the netcode that may have been resulting in an increase in CTHLs – at the very least, it adds some more instrumentation so that I am better clued up as to WTH is happening there.

Has a client patch to go with it, so we’re waiting on Rickb so we can build the Mac version. Meanwhile, I have the extraordinarily fun task of going over all my code changes to check in to SourceSafe (backup made in advance) and then cross-merge with the 1.26 tree. Trust me, right now I’m pining for CVS.

But first, time for more coffee…

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