Lizard hunting

Legends are continuing to prove to be a great group of people. It’s kinda odd because I really miss grouping with my friends on Oasis, and if I really tried to get Granik/Ramp to start toons on Oasis, but they just wouldn’t, so I’m on befallen – sorry Laccy :(

Being in an active guild is already feeling good, though – I hope the Norrats [sic] won’t give up playing just yet (*points finger at Toto and Killer*) although obviously we’re going to have less time the next few weeks. I spoke with Scythe and if we choose to move they’ll be happy to have us.

I already made full member (take that, Easting) after Minerva helped me finish the Teachings of Yoru heritage. Then I stopped to help Nimwe hunt Lizardmen, and there things got odd.

If you’ve hunted in Ferrott, you’ve probably noticed this before. It’s one of the things – other than those damn annoying long-range stunning spiders – that makes the zone less palatable.

Lizardman Vacations.


In short – the lizardmen camps, essential for various quests, just stop spawing lizardmen. The one camp, shown, hasn’t spawned a Lizardmen for well over 3 hours. We’ve cleared the area, killed all kinds of things. We’ve tried not killing anything. All of the camps do this.

I can’t tell if this is a bug or one of those “design concepts” that has its pros and cons.

It could be that the spawn pool has gotten a bad entry and it keeps respawning some invalid mob. Or maybe spawning something that doesn’t make the playable world (spawning it under the world maybe?).

Maybe they’re spawning something off in the distance that’s not tangibly connected, and the idea is for us to adventure and discover what it is. The mobs *do* respawn sometimes, I’ve seen them appear after a multi-hour hiatus: but there were 20 people in the zone. Tonight the population is but 6. Its one of those many things that can be a little “obscure” about the shared spawn pool system, its certainly one of the things that makes Ferrott less popular than it could be.

My other hunch is that its somehow pathing related. There are a number of mobs that get lost in Ferrott – Tae Ew Defenders who get split up so that when you engage one it suddenly and inexplicably disengages, runs a few feet away, and then runs back at you until eventually – maybe – his buddy turns up. Dregs that seem to come running from half way across the zone. Maybe something from the camps has gotten dragged off and we aren’t killing it, so the spawner isn’t spawning more.

Edit: I also want to add, I’ve changed my mind about Lesser Fay. Having seen the brownie village and a few other sights, its actually not nearly as bad as the first impressions lead you to think. It’s a bit heavy on the whole fairies and “my little pony” feel when you zone in from Gfay and Bb, but its not really so bad further in.


PS Shoo is level 56, just mentored in the screenshot :)

Sorry I couldn’t get on again last night. BTW, I’m 42 now :) I think I may leave lavastorm for Feerot for some more exploring until I get about 45.

Lost was kind of a let-down although I must say I didn’t see the sibling thing coming.

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