Bracket that nasty EI

One of the interesting things about the persistant corpses change is that – until they expire – you can actually go back and see the lay of the fight you just had, and even after having my outlook on the game changed by the buzzard view those years ago, I still find it amazing how different the setup can look from even a slight difference in angle or position; I was fighting at Lokeren just now and it was obvious from the corpse trail that the EI were closing in on our mobile spawn: like driftwood left by an incoming tide.

bodies.jpg (pic c/o mwhitman)

Somehow, lately, I keep missing the starts of fights; I just turn up at some place that is worn torn. I’d like to think that at a later date we’ll actually make the corpses server objects so that spawning in to a place will give you a sense of the fight as much as having been fighting at a place for a while – the way hulks do.

So this has been my first chance in a while to watch a battle shape up. Lokeren was pretty much intact at the start. At first it was pretty easy getting into town, very few defenders, very little activity. I walked past a couple of guys apparently deep in conversation and walked into a capture building right off their barracks. The doorway gives a clear view of the table, assuming the capturer chooses to expose themselves. Me, I decided to sit with my back to the wall facing the front of the table. Several EI ran past without “seeing” me. :)

We’ve managed to get a toe hold a few times, but it seems likethe Germans are reluctant to let Lokeren slip and they do keep finding their way to our MSPs.

Its funny the little things that prove to be so annoying: the one contact at a time report, when you want to report the thing you were reporting and the thing that shot you while you were reporting and the having to wait for the leader to approve. I know why we did both things, but they get under your skin when you’re playing.

I will admit, I’ve been playing a bit less lately – so this session was a bit of an eyeopener. Guys in the office will look at you funny if you comment its annoying that you get all the way into town before you find out its an AO – or that its annoying to spawn in and *then* find that its an FB mission and you aren’t a sapper.

No doubt some of you will roll your eyes and call me noob – I hope you’ll take a few deep breaths and think about that. Yes, I’m being a noob right now. And the noob experience is one that skips thru really apprising me of what I’m about to be doing :)

Some of the confusion is just downright inconsistency. For instance: If instead of having town names on the map decorated a certain way, we had a widget (or whatever you want to call it) that displayed town names, that could be reused in the kenny (minimap) so that you wouldn’t need to bring up a map to find out whether the town you’re approaching is an AO or not.

Plus, once you replaced all stand-alone instances of town name with the widget, you’d have consistency, so that each instance of a town name also contained information that you would quickly become familiarized with.

Speaking of consistency, I need to re-nag Gophur to get Granik to change the color of the buttons on the map from the border-decoration color to the same “Hi click me” color of the buttons elsewhere in the ui :)

It’d also be nice if we could “splash” certain messages – e.g. as you approach a town, we could display.

British Attack Objective – 3bde


German City – No objective

(Tip of the hat to SoE) It goes without saying, you’d need an option to turn this off ;)

When we designed the contact report system, we felt that making contacts require approval would give the mission leader something to do, but maybe that’s something we should table until we do actually give the mission leader a suite of things to do – more tools, etc; in the meantime it is just a spoiler 95% of the time when the mission leader won’t/can’t/doesn’t approve contacts.

There was also the spam concern. We don’t know for sure that contact report spam isn’t a problem because we have prevented it being one. But there’s a workaround for that: we can just block contact reports from someone on your ignore list. You spam me, I ignore you, end of issue. Put “/ignore player” as an option under the contact report context menu.

Of course, these are minor niggles, inconsequential compared to the stuff the host has been doing to ya’ll lately.

And there does seem to be good news there — the CTHL rate is way down with yesterday’s update – once we figured out the mass CTHL issue. And meanwhile, I’ve been having a blast at Lokeren :)


Of course, if you’re going to have a blast, try to put a vehicle *between* you and it.


Dang, I missed my ride ;)


Highlights so far:

Bracketing an EI like a lil’ duck shoot, two of us just kept missing and forcing him to turn. Finally one of us planted him.

Getting a perfect bounce on a nade so that it bounced up and landed right in the crotch of an EI.
Enemy: Achtung!


Who knows what he *actually* said, that’s what you get for deploying an LMG at the top of the stairs ;)

IMHO – we could crank the lethality on the grenades up a smidgem again – I think last time they were reduced it was because they didn’t bounce, etc.

DO crank lethality of grenades up. They should cause all enemy ei to scatter out of any room with a grenade in it…until the day when we can pick them back up and return them postage paid. :)

btw – use the same principle on HE generally. Let that cause a wider path of higher destruction. One day we’ll have ‘rag-doll’ and can knock people over. But the blurring effect doesn’t last long enough (unless you get the concussion bug!) and there should be 2 ATP effects from nearby HE rounds (and even nearer LMG fire):

1) You lose all your ATP; simulates fear without locking the player down. He’s just going to move very slowly until he’s in a more safe location. ATP should turn purple when this happens.

2) You get ‘berserker’ and have full ATP for 60 seconds, and you get 5 more seconds of ATP for each time you fire your weapon in this condition. ATP should turn blinking orange when this happens.

Both of these are true battlefield conditions. But HE/grenade lethality would be nice as a start.

On a hijacking note:

You have another thread somewhere here about being near an officer and thereby having an additional ability (to spawn, to capture etc). I wanted to plant the bug in your head that being NEAR the mission leader should have an additional combat benefit. Some kind of morale pump up, but especially more stamina, or less damage, something that gives the ML an on the ground benefit. Maybe just an ATP boost. Just a thought.


Talking of bodies, last nights battle at Signy was a classic for this.

At the over pass there was a constant stream of smoke & HE grenades passing through with inf from both sides trying to get through. If all the bodies where persistant there would have been well over 50 at that one spot alone!

Did I mention I did gave the idea/implementation of dead corpses to CRS?

Sorry, my EGO has taken over me/my keyboard :) Excuse him, he has a big ego :D


dont EVER loose the newb part of your brain, or this game will be done like dinner. Its quite tragic how such a fun game made by such eager, hard-working and enthusiastic people could have such a blind spot when it comes to the UI. Frankly, its beyond fixing and it is based on underlying notions about player behaviour that dont connect to reality.

Its like everybody at CRS plus anyone who ever worked there has a different idea of what the UI should do, and its all relfected as a completely incoherent system.

Maybe if you wrote an application that tracked the instances where newbs (or even the rest of us) quickly exited missions many times over before settling in with a good one? Or the number of mouse clicks at the UI per hour of play? There must be SOME proof of people’s frustration other than the countless bad reviews of the game that say “…but it took me a very long time to find a good battle”

Sombody suggested you guys have a UI design competition using photoshop mock-ups. Not a bad idea really.


I agree, the corpse(s) have added a little more battlefield info. It’s actually kind of interesting sometimes. i.e. seeing pinch points or funnel locations.

I do find it the suxxors when approval doesn’t happen on contacts. But I tend create a mission to work around that issue. I actually don’t mind managing the contacts approving and deleting.

However, the one thing rubs me the wrong way is the blasted “2 level down/scroll mouse” approval, c1, c2 blah, blah. I tend to move my mouse too far and have to highlight again. It was much easier before, right-click, approve or delete.

Nades – do need a boost! I threw 3 nades in a facility room and the nades did not kill the EI. WTF?!

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