How Cool: You are here (wiretap)

Decided not to take lunch today and instead put a few minutes into Wiretap. I’d had several emails asking about converting game co-ordinates into real world values. It happens that, for a work-related project, and I happen to have a javascript version of the lat/lon conversion. So I quickly tidied it up and documented it.

I’ll keep it short and hurry you along to the interesting part. I needed a test case, and I was going to create a page which listed all our CPs along with their Lat/Long when inspiration struck.

Prepare to start clicking links, starting with View CP. Use the links, n00b.



hate to change the subject, but didn’t find an email anywhere on here. I’m in Austin on buisiness and was wondering what and where is a good bar to go to? I’m staying up by I-35 and Parmer.

We’re a long ways from Austin, when we’ve been there for the conference, tho, I kinda liked Riley’s Irish Pub on 6th St – they do a nice Fish’n’Chips ;)

I could have swore you guys were in Austin… I blame old age on the memory, well that and kids.

We will have to hit up Riley’s, it has been a long time since I’ve had a good Fish’n’Chips.
Thanks for the suggestion!

Back to the original topic, really cool CP site, the links are awesome.

That’s awesome. When the satellite picture came up for the Antwerp munitions factory, my jaw dropped – I would never have expected that. :)


I certainly wasn’t expecting that when i clicked the link.

A very clever little Rat indeed :)

Ramp and I were talking about how cool it would be if the sorties/kills table had some positional info in it. We have the id of the spawn object you spawned from, so we could geolocate your origin, but it’d be really nice if we stored final position per sortie and vehicle position at time of kill in the kills table.

Then… If we used the Google Maps API we could actually show you where you fought and where you killed in a little Window and that’d be kinda freaking cool :)

My actual intent with this was to push a concept internally for future dev to have the worlds strat content stored host side rather than client, so that we can rethink the way cultural objects are placed and maybe make realizing a new terrain editor much easier.

Because the in-game objects are roughly placed in an attempt to fit aproximate 1940s map data to an aproximate terrain, and because I’m kinda arbitrarily picking “a” building in the facility to determine its location… you get the odd anomaly, for instance:

Amiens City although Amiens’ West Armybase lands in town.

Stellendam is a little off because of additional land reclamation and the granularity of the data we used resulted in the actual location of the town being in the sea in-game.

Waterloo City has grown a little; thats the location of the capture table, but the facility marker position is a ways off. In either case, its supposed to be the location of the Waterloo Monument. Bonus points if you can find the Lat/Lon of the actual monument ;)

Piesport is quite a ways off because of the limitations of our river system.

And poor Roermond West should probably be called Beegden ;)

That is some pretty slick stuff. Would really rock if one could pull a squads sortie stats and overlay it (as your follow on post hinted you’d like to do)


Steel… there’s a lot of great food in Austin. Riley’s is one, then about a block down (still on 6th) there’s Jazz (cajun) which has a burger called the Louis Armstrong that is amazing, and you can’t leave Austin without a visit to Stubb’s.

Ollie… very cool. I’ve been waiting for somebody to do that.

True – there’s also PF Chang’s. Mmm.


Now what we need is for Google’s research folks to figure out time-travel so that we can work with 1940-43 imagery. 8^)

Ok – I’m going to have to take a look at Google Maps API.

I was really hoping Google would have some kind of Ajax-alternative module (even if it was just a bunch of javascript for doing synchronous http fetches).

Death location or despawn location would be so killer. Wouldn’t some of this information need to go to the server side if you ever got an ordinance server working for the over the horizon shots? Hmm real artillery for FB and AB suppression.

The server has the info, its the database that doesn’t.

35 and parmer is quite a drive N from 6th street about 10 miles. I just remember that bend in the highway being a major speed trap.

You just missed SXSW or I’d be telling forget your travel commitments and go see bands all day and all night.

When I lived there I had no money, so the hang out was Hole in the Wall for the $4 pitchers of Shiner Bock, and Taco Cabana

I know I mentioned it to you, so I thought I would drop the link off. Anyway Like I was saying very cool stuff. I can’t wai tot see more.

It shoulda shown you two PFChangs – one is within walking distance of Rileys.

We’re hitting up 6th and the warehouse district tonight, so we just might have to drop in on PFChangs. We so far went to a Ztejas pretty decent, a Cool Rivers really good, and are hitting up a mom and pop mexican restuarant that from what I understand was voted “Best” for the last 5 years.

This is my first time to Texas and I really like it. I definitely can see why so many people live in this city.

You refer, of course, to the … ahem … scenery?

PFChangs is overpriced crap with a side of haughty pretension.

There’s a better mongolian barbeque type place a couple of blocks southwest from there that has better food.

Also grossly overrated: Stubb’s Barbeque. Great bbq sausage and chicken, but the brisquit I had there was super-dry. If a bbq place’s brisquit ain’t great – keep moving.

I was working on pretty much this same project last year (although without the actual server data) and found Microsoft’s MapCruncher to be a better API:

Unfortunately I can’t find a working version of my project or I’d throw it up on my webpage. I had 2 levels of the in-game map overlayed on top of the real-work satellite map. I had a harddrive crash and I think I lost the later stuff I’d worked on, but I think I have a burned CD somewhere.

Oops, I do have a working copy of what I was working on. I just forgot that it only works in Internet Explorer (at the moment).

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