The Video

Man that’s weird. Was very conscious of how my voice sounded while Rafter was filming, I found myself trying to sound “more” English – even though everyone tells me I’ve not picked up an accent here. I can hear words changing accent in mid-stride as I mentally move on to the next word gropu.

And it really does look like I have a black eye, lol :)


LOL, your accent sounded, well… , English.

Hard to tell if it had changed much as where you come from doesn’t have a distinctive accent to start with.

Some suggestions for whoever shot it:

1: turn off auto focus and focus the camera manually on each shot setup. Notice in the 2nd shot (where they switch to a CU on you) that you’re out of focus but the background is perfectly sharp? The camera is focusing in the middle of the frame, which is the wall behind you. Autofocus sucks.

2: if they’re up to it (it’s a bit more challenging to get right for the beginner) turn off auto-iris and set the exposure manually. Notice how dark everything looks in the wide shot vs the CU? That’s because in the wide the camera sees that vast expanse of white flesh t-shirt and adjusts the overall exposure level to suit.

If playing with the iris seems a bit challenging (if you’re not confident it can easily lead to lots of incorrectly-exposed footage – small handicam viewfinders (especially the colour ones) make it very hard to accurately gauge exposure) then just get the IV subject to wear mid-tones and avoid black and/or white clothing.

3: The “black eye” problem. Looking at the footage I’m guessing you’ve got reasonably modern fluourescent light fixtures with those grid reflectors built in to throw most of the light down rather than sideways. This is good for office environments and bad for video cameras – the downlighting creates those strong eye-shadows. Try and find a room with softer lighting (ie fluouros without the reflector grids) or take the grids out of your light fixtures (may not be practical). If you want to get really clever, get a large piece of white card or corflute or similar (basically neutral white, and satin to glossy in finish) and place it in front of the IV subject, either on the ground or on a chair at a 10-50deg angle to the horizontal in order to “bounce” light coming down from overhead fixtures back up into the IV subject’s face. Unless you use something reasonably shiny it probably won’t have enough effect to be noticeable. Try not to move it during the shoot, as the highlight going on & off the talent will be quite noticeable on camera.

Oh, and put a drop-shadow under that text. White text against a white t-shirt is not a good look.

It was a good start. But you should know that 3 beers about 10 minutes before the interview will make you relax and just talk.

You were very informative – especially to those of us who read here. More of these, but try one just a little tipsy and let your personality shine through more.

What joker said. Also, just get some supplemental lighting–it should handle the black eyes.

See you in a week–off to DC.

Those are shot on Rafter’s digital camera. Not a camcorder. So, messing with the auto-iris..yeah, that’ll happen. :)

Digital camera? Ooooh, okay then those are masterfully done considering the resources. :)

Jizzyjazz – fixed the link for you… ROFLAMO

I remember the picture you posted of yourself with a shaved head. I don’t know if its the lack of hair but you look really different in the video. I herby motion to have KFS do the next video with a shaved head. All in favor say ‘aye’.


Considering the amount of time you’ve been there you’ve picked hardly any American accent.

Jolly good show old chap!

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