Awfulstar finalactica

The BSG writers really have no concept of character continuity, do they? The courtroom speech was just atrocious. Either they chose who was going to make the speech way before they had decided on what the speech would be or they have been trying to build to him giving that speech. Whichever it was, they made poor choices.

My big problem is that the speaker is one of the circle of people who should know why Dr Baltar is the exception, the motivations for his the failings he describes within himself were part of those failings.

If the next season doesn’t have a CGI budget … show’s over. Your character building and human interspection weren’t what sold you to adult sci-geeks or teenage pinup lovers. It was the battles and explosions.


I have to disagree. The speech was a bit over done, but of all the main characters of the show he seemed the best fit for the part. I do have to agree with your conclusions about the battles (or lack there of recently)… Where are they? Seems like it has been forever since the toasters have rained on their parade.

I think if BSG was all battles and explosions that it wouldn’t be as good. Battles, etc. are nice but if they aren’t backed up with compelling characters and story then ppl will quickly get bored (kinda like a game with good graphics but no gameplay).
That being said some parts of this weeks episode were rather craptacular…including the part right at the end…seemed kinda rushed.

Fluth is right though, who else was going to give that speech?

I’ve found that every time I thought BSG was going to dissapoint it’s come through..a lot of this season’s episode were like that but I ended up enjoying every one because they all had a point. For instance the one with the chief and the refinery ship I thought raised a really good point of what happens to a society in a situation like this? Smart TV methinks instead of the usual drek you get elsewhere.

Next season’s opener better be darned good though…

I didn’t say he wasn’t the best fit, I’m just saying that their best fit wasn’t a particular good fit – IYSWIM?

My hunch on where the story is going:

We don’t know for sure that the four we saw are actually Cylons. They’re just spooked.

The human society we see refers to itself as “The Colonies” and their religious book tells of how they “fled to the stars”.

My hunch from the very beginning has been that these “Colonies” were settled by a previous wave fleeing a much earlier iteration of the cylon war – but since the writings don’t mention it they are either the skinjobs from round#1 or they are the human/skinjob hybrids…

I didn’t think it was awful as you did, but I did think they ruined a good Dylan/Hendrix song…

That was a dysfunctional episode. At the end I waslike WTF was that!

BSG has been for me; less of an attraction that it use to be, although I do still watch it religiously.

I watch it only 2-3 times a year. I go about 6 episodes before it wears me out with all of the human introspection. Makes you want to cheer for the toasters. If it wasn’t for DVR’s I think this would have lost me long ago. Plus the shift Sunday nights is a killer.

Back in the day with X-files and Next Gen Sundays were great, but I was in school too back then and that was a good way to start the week or end the weekend.

I enjoyed the final episode of Season Three. I do believe that Season Three has been the weakest season but I attribute that to it being a ‘bridging season’. The trial sequence was less important that I had expected but it did serve the purpose of placing Baltar back in the fleet in an operational sense (as opposed to killing him off which is where he was headed).

I did get a kick out of the manner in which four of the Final Five Cylons were ‘triggered’. I think it is going to be interesting next season to see how they deal with the events that transpired at the end of the episode.


We totally don’t know that they are Cylons :) First, the fact we only saw four of them. Second, their trigger was different than Sharons. Third, too obvious :)

I’m not sure if this is going to improve peoples perceptions or not :-o but Mr Moore has confirmed that they are indeed four of the final five.


That link makes me want to start to watch the show, and get the entire series on DVD. Thank you. I was immune to it before this – having grown up on the “old” BSG.

One of the problems I am seeing, is that the show has the ability to really build up to something, but just fails to deliver that something. They are able to draw up in to really want to see what they are building too, and afterwards you are like “that’s it?”. It is just getting too anticlimactic.

I’ve been listening to the soundtrack of the mini-series and season 1. The mini-series ‘track kicks ass. Totally 2001 / StarWars / Matrix. Season 1 comes in a little boysterously, and then sort of hovers until it reaches “The Dinner Party”; that track leapt out at me. I remember the episode as being the first where I thought “what are they doing with the sound track?” Shortly after came Passacaglia and “The Shape of Things To Come”, those string quartet pieces which were set to all those sort of hovering-cam sequences that – I think – were intended to give you a sense of how events were spiraling/circling certain characters but just made me think “I wish they’d stop this crap” :)

I mean, there’s nothing musically wrong with them, but it is so clearly going in a different direction than all of that amazing percussive/wind music of the mini-series and the early part of the first series. Hard to tell, but it seems like Bear McCreary wants to write songs rather than soundtracks.

I actually *like* some of these pieces, I just think they changed the writing, directing and editing. And I don’t like the change in direction all that produced. Like putting The Matrix to Radiohead.

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