Seriously – I’ve spent a couple hours doing some cleaning, gave the cat some attention, spent a half hour here and there checking thru server logs and stuff, watched a couple episodes of Deadwood. Nothing I couldn’t have packed into Friday night. And here it is, 9pm Sunday. Doc’s going to be annoyed that I didn’t finish Designated Targets – he tore thru Book 1 like greased lightning.

Wonder if the black eyes have recessed.

Tomorrow I’ve gotta change track briefly to get some of Ramp’s squad features functional so he can finish the dev work he’s been vested in. Hopefully I can get it cranked out and be back on TOEs without delay.

Off to eat some Tiramisu and watch Battlestar: /blowkiss tivo.


And all the things you meant to do on Saturday but couldn’t because you don’t answer your phone.

I am really enjoying “Book 1”

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