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Up until Level 50 EQ2 bathes you in a continual sea of quests. Then you enter the expansion zone and suddenly it becomes a stream. In my previous posts several people chipped in with pointers to content, but again I see a distinct difference between players who were playing around the time of the expansions vs players who arrived afterwards.

When each expansion comes out it creates a lot of lore and material which players absorb into their gameplay. When KoS came out there was a drive towards the new content.

I think one of the best things EQ2 could do for player retention across this boundary is to incorporate some of the patch stuff into in-game lore. Perhaps they could re-incorporate the old “guild master” idea with an NPC who sends you emails every so many levels or weeks with lorized hints to places you might go or quests you might seek out.

But it needs to be a little more than that – rather than just pointing me to the next step, pointing me beyond the next step so that I have a goal; so that I have a sense of where I’m heading to make it feel less like I’m grinding thru mobs to complete the next quest, which I’m completing to get the next level, which I’m getting to reach the next zone, because it doesn’t print “Game Over” when you hit 50 now.

Granik, Toto and Ramp seem to have exhausted their interest, and Killer was only interested while we had a fixed group good to go. I’ve found my new guild to be fairly friendly, although I’ve not had much time to play the last week or so anyway.

But I’m fairly certain that the ‘rat incursion into Norrath is over – ironically because of an all too-familiar wondering of where do we go?


My interest wained for a few of reasons:
1. Sony’s need to raise the price of their Station Pass
2. I really didn’t enjoy Faydark or Sinking Sands. Those two areas just hold no interest for me.
3. I am trying to teach myself Modo and Mudbox so a lot of my free time is spent.
4. My alpha invite to Mythos

I had a good time kicking around Norrath with you amigo…maybe we will find another game of mutual interest.

The best quest presentation I’ve seen in a game was Elder Scrolls III (Morrowind). I felt very attached to that gameworld and storyline.

I’ll definitely keep my EQ2 account going, I’ll probably be playing this week on and off :) Legends has people around our/my level bracket, and hopefully Easting ought to be caught up by now ;)

/hang head

I dinged 45 last Tuesday (or was it Wednesday?) but eithr way…I went on vacation without a puter, and now I just arrived in DC–I’ll be here until Thursday night. Probably won’t get any play time until Friday.

I’m working on it.

It seems though I have to take the initiative alot….I can throw up the ‘ol LFG flag, but I get more action when I start sending invites. Only problem is that I’m not real familliar with what level to take on a zone.

Anyhow, off to find some dinner here. Saw a Moe’s grill around the corner…mmmm

It’s definitely a little stretch or starve, but that’s not unusual with any large social group.

The trick is to find quests that other people are likely to need help with so that you can field them as “anyone else want to do …” rather than “can someone help me with “

I felt no loss of direction when we moved to the expansion content. There was plenty of stuff to do just as there was in all the original release content we’d gone through up till then. I didn’t feel a drop in lore. EQ2 has always been weak in that department. There’s tons of lore but it’s all disjointed. Nothing really seems to coalesce into a great overarching story. Just lots of little short stories here and there, sometimes with reoccurring characters.

What finally killed it for me was the feeling that I was doing exactly the same thing at lvl50+ that I’d been doing since lvl20 or 30. You rarely get new abilities that change the way you play. You just get bigger versions of the same abilities. It’s a wash though as the relative effect on mobs of your current level is the same or even less than when you got the older version. EQ2 is horrible about reusing monster art, and that only worsened the problem. Fighting a goblin or snake at level 55 that looks almost exactly like the goblins and snakes I fought in Nektulos at level 20 but is a slightly different color doesn’t give one the feeling of advancement. Basically after a certain point EQ2 did little but change the background on me as I worked through the content. All the action going on was nothing but a constant loop of the same thing over and over again. It got boring and it was time to move on.

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