Media Player 10: So important…

… the only option you get after updating it is “restart”.


I can only conclude that the WMP team aren’t aware that some small number of people/WMP users view their PCs as anything other than a glorified iPod: “Save your work and close all programs” – sounds like something you might say to an 8 year old. Screw that work stuff – I gots new codecs!

Well, that’s conclusion 1 of 2. The other is impolite.


Did you upgrade to WMP 11 too? I like the look much better.

Heh, I haven’t seen one of those for a while. I think the last time I saw one I went to the task manager (what did it used to be? It might have been before XP…) and ended the process myself. I’m not taking any crap from my computer…

You show that computer

I knew there was a reason to avoid updating programs like this.

This cracks me up. Such a hater. If I recall, we contemplated doing the same thing with WWIIOL after updates. Correct me if I am wrong.

I have concluded that you are a MS hater. Now go make me a sandmich…but no Flavia. :P

Why are you bitching about the media player installer? And why were you installing media player 10 on or around march of 2007? Don’t you know that the latest media player is 11? And it’s been out a long time now? Hey, at least media player works, unlike WWIIOL which is an unplayable buggy piece of junk written for OpenGL and MacOS. Come on, you can do better noob.

Maybe it is 11. I’m “bitching” about yet another piece of software that feels the need to force me to reboot my system. It was an automatic update, which I installed because it got bundled innocently with security updates.

Once it was done, my system ran fine, with the exception of media player services.

That’s hardly critical; if you’re going to sneak an update on someone, you should give them the courtesy of not having to reboot.

FYI – WWIIOLs installers used to force you to reboot or tell you that you had to.

I bitched about that.

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