Cancelling Station Access?

I *thought* I’d cancelled my Station Access subscription, but I just noticed it renewed anyway. I just retried the same process again now and I got a totally different series of pages including an exit survey. Previously all I got was red text telling me I had to wait until my subscription expired… HUH?

Owning Station Account my account name
Subscription Name Station Access Subscription
Period 1 month
Price $24.99
Account Status Canceled
Orig. Purchase Date November 13, 2005
Account Open Until April 27, 2007

Yeah, uhm, how about that.

You cannot modify your subscription until the account has been closed.

Apparently, that includes stopping them charging me for it…

I need to get right on recommending this trick to Ramp: Let em *close* the account, prevent them doing anything else to it at that point, but then keep billing ’em until its closed. Muahahaha!

BTW – Easting – I’m not cancelling my EQ2 account, just trying to cancel my Station Pass/Access thingy :) Logged in briefly a little tonight after playing some BE; Tedra asked after you.

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Cool, yah I’ll be on tonight a bit. Just got back in last night–plane was delayed 1 1/2 hours because of tornado warnings and thunderstorms in OKC.

re: Station access

What a screwjob!

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