Got ‘er done

Cranked out a whole bunch of the squad recruiting stuff today, chance to clean up a few things while I was at it – e.g. reducing the amount of spam when someone joins a squad :)

The process is that when an unsquaded player picks a persona of rank 0 he’s presented with a list of squad recruiters. It starts with a relatively short list based on matches of your language, country and branch. If that list isn’t long enough, it pads with with a longer list of less specific matches. It also tries to limit itself to just one recruiter for any given squad.

When the recruit picks his recruiter/squad to join, he gets a confirmation back from the host and information on which country/branch/brigade/mission to pick. The object we used for this is called “MissionInvite”. Guess what that’s intended for ;) We haven’t added that yet, but we’ll get to it.

In the process of testing and cleaning up, I’m hoping we’ll be able to do a quick cleanup of the chat system that allows you to (I hope you’re reading this, Patrick) choose what is now a standard MMO chat setup — open a channel for transmitting with a /command, e.g. /1, and it makes that channel your default until you do it again.

Yeah, I know some of you are barfing on the spot. I said option; it’d just be default for new players.

Mixed it in with some time testing updates to Netcode2. 

Rafter splashed out on a cake for our CEO’s birthday ;)

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