TOEs cancelled! [not]

TOEs are, and have been since January, in our beta builds. They haven’t, as yet, been enabled for players to test because I’m still having trouble stabilizing them or finding an actual cause of the instability. Plus time I spend building test boxes with updated compilers or runtime environments is not-coding time.

The Friday announcement makes the point that we’re starting to plan to enter Open Beta without TOEs. We have to release a patch soon to keep the couldn’t-give-a-crap-about-TOEs customers playing and we had already planned and scheduled for an Open Beta. You might want to take a good long think about this paragraph.

My post went a little further and explained that we are contingency planning for a possible 1.26 Open Beta, and maybe even release, not including TOEs because I’ve had infinitely more pressing “keep the game running” operational work bogging me down (1.26 ate my january), as well as an inordinate time-bleed off trying to find a workaround to the stability issues.

However – my post also explained that the intent is still for 1.26+TOEs.

Incidentally, this vauge reference to “operational work” is a whole bunch of stuff that has come to a head because I’ve been locked in get-er-done coding mode with TOEs since pre-Xmas and virtually none of the usual time for monitoring and maintain the operation-critical segments of our product/service. In the end I’ve managed to off-load some of this to Killer, but inevitably anything that fell thru the cracks in-transit broke. Daylight savings?

And what happened to fix stuff thats broken before you add new stuff? ;) (yes, yes, yes, I know, I was just getting a little worked up)

Right now, I can’t put my hand on my heart and say “TOEs will be in that Open Beta”. I’m working on it, but I also have to keep the game operating.

You’ll note that there have generally been less posts here lately and more specifically, less of my usual “chilling, having fun” posts. Because I’m doing what I can to try and get TOEs into that Open Beta.



The UK navy template has an ‘eye’ listed in it!

Is this an ‘all seeing eye’, or just a regular one? ;-)

Its the buzzard precursor, discontinued but cluttering up data still ;)

Every template lists all the vehicles for the given country. Notice the navy has its own infantry… The “support” brigades are basically “show thrus” of non-army brigades which have army units.

Oh, and before someone asks why it has a UK flag, Navy, and UK Navy… The Flag + Navy are printed for when doc starts naming things ;)

My honest advice, take it or leave it, is to simply not release until you get the TOE’s done. Yes the “I don’t give a crap about TOE’s” contingent will throw a fit, but the “TOE hopefuls” That didn’t just unsub on Friday will unsub in mass. You are of course aware, that you have been in “Toes will be out in the next two weeks ” mode for the last 4 months.

If you release without them saying “But Toes are next, we mean it this time” it’s not going to help. You did that last August. Think about that. You really did say exactly the same thing last AUGUST.

I understand you are all in a better position to understand what you need to do etc etc. Thats just my perspective.

Most common forum thread title when TOES are released: “TOEs suck! Roll back to Version 1.25 or I unsub”. Vehemently supported by the same few dozen morons.

Except for the few who will be arguing for a roll back to the pre-AOs patch.

OT – How does the top post thingy work on this blog.

The last “Top Post” shown was – “Doh, talked myself out of lunch”

It has 6 replies with the last one sent 8/6/06.

Cant figure out why that was one of the top post.

On TOEs remember it is a marathon not a sprint.

Ah , I miss the Skull!

It was much more fun seeing players reaction when the skull suddernly appeared above them than when teh Buzzard appears.

The Skull may still be here. It had flashing eyes. KILLER used to fly that thing, and when my old squad Kelly’s Heroes was active and came to Texas, they got to fly the Skull. There were buzzards then, as well.

I wonder if The Eye is a different beast than The Skull or The Buzzard?


“horse Says:

April 1st, 2007 at 5:49 am
Most common forum thread title when TOES are released: “TOEs suck! Roll back to Version 1.25 or I unsub”. Vehemently supported by the same few dozen morons.

Except for the few who will be arguing for a roll back to the pre-AOs patch.”

Absolutely perfect! LOL. With the AHC going crazy at the small change of the High Command forums, paranoia runs rampant. Some people who constantly post criticisms pre-TOE, will still constantly post criticisms post TOE. Including people on this blog. Those are the people who lose credibility, imho.

Those are the people who lose credibility, imho.

Or hope, and really my aim in running this blog was to allow some insight so that when things – like features not making versions – happened, some folks might have an insight into why. But some days I have to wonder how many more people get the other impression, that we delay stuff in some bizzare “politics”, and go away.

KFS – the internet is supposed to be “free speech” and “anarchic”. That doesn’t mean you (or any reader) has to give credence to any point of view, or from anyone who can type.

Those of us with some years of experience can put this in perspective and appreciate your blog. Those that will never see the sunlight, or see someone helping…will simply never see.

Ignore them.

btw – the anarchic portion combined with free speech allows you to safely cut out insane/paranoid/bias-screaming/ignorant and/or even just impolite people.

That’s why I love anarchy.

“…my aim in running this blog was to allow some insight so that when things – like features not making versions – happened, some folks might have an insight into why…”

Heh. Those of us who work daily in a small-team environment and are continually tasked with creating problem-solutions on a timely basis, don’t have any difficulty in understanding how a game company might work the same way.

Sometimes timetables and plans are mostly a means of recording what you tried that didn’t work.

Well, after reading a few of these posts on TOE’s, I am curious what features or improvements usurped TOE’s in the priority queue. Anyone ?


Dude, what the fuck are you on?

Please, enlighten me, which posts you read, because either you’re a fucking retard or you’re a fucking asshole.

No features or improvements usurped TOEs. The simple fucking day-to-day job of running the game during a particular shaky patch usurped my TOE-development time. It’s that fucking simple.

Maybe I should write a post explaining it. Wait – that’d be the post up to here. Wow. Who’d have guesesd!

I wish they had (usurped) – I wish I’d been able to park TOEs this dev cycle and concentrate on addressing and solving issues that are making the game unplayable – like really going in there and kicking the ass of the CTHL issue rather than finding workarounds for it.

And if you’re offended, tough fucking shit. Next time, put your brain in fucking gear before whining your ass off on my personal blog. Hell, put it in gear – if its got one – before you read my blog. It ain’t intended for the neuronally impaired.


Now that is candor!



Nice post, Oli. :)

I’ll take the unaccustomed position of trying to explain it politely:

Operations comes before Development.
If the live application breaks, you pull people from working on new features to fix it. This is true in a small shop like CRS, and in a VERY LARGE shop like where I am. It’s just that when the bigger shop has to pull one or two people, that’s not the entirety of their developers – just 1 or 2%.

I’ll see krenn’s “lol” and raise him a “lawl”. That’s a ‘lol’ with a southern accent for the neuronally impaired.


OT a bit, is your personal dev box running fedora? i see eclipse on that desktop.

cool. linux client 1.27 patch? :D

From your post titled “Stubbed TOE”

“The first few times we embarked and TOEs and got yanked off was a direct result of player uproar making it all the way to the CEO and causing him to yank TOEs as a priority. You (the plural, general, not Trooper specifically) may not have been the one to do it, but that’s the deck we were dealt.”

It’s those first few times I was curious about. So, reading your post calling me a fucking retard or a fucking asshole, I pretty much see that you are both, so I no longer give a shit about anything you have to say about anything. Fuck you very much !


pwned me, totally :( I didn’t realize you were replying to a comment in a different post, and having deleted a half dozen other comments, I finally flipped on yours, most undeservedly.

Wasn’t that comment about the TOE’s of two years ago. While this one dealt mostly with the events since X-mas. Mis understandings all around.

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