Ding! 60

I really didn’t know if I was still going to enjoy EQ2 after the RatGang dropped out, not because of the game but because any game sucks when your buddies quit playing.

50-56 wasn’t a whole lot of fun for me.

I’ve described how I felt like transitioning from a sea of quests to a narrow stream; but I also know what the other Rats mean about it feeling like “more of the same”. In EQ1 there were zones you reached through storyline and questing, and there were zones you reached through exploration. EQ2 operates on a similar principle but I, and one or two of the others, just don’t get that sense of world.

Maybe the trip to Sinking Sands should be a boat ride (just, please, allow me to turn on “auto-sailor” so I can leave myself at the end of the dock, go grab a soda and not come back watching the boat sail away). Kingdom of Sky had great in-game events and storyline to hook active players into the expansion. But if you missed the coming of the spires, why would you reach level 50 and think to go to Common Lands and look for a glowing blue pillar?

I never got into graphical adventures primarily because I found “hunt the hot spot” lame. Hunt the hot spot for your next zone is kinda worse.

All the same, I’m re-covering the gloom aspect to provide an underline for my next statement: Having broken the 50-56 hurdle, and gotten into Legends of Faydark, I’m having some fun again. I’ve done a little bit of Heritage Questing, a little bit of exploring, and seen some new turf, and it’s been pretty cool.

And I was quite pleasantly surprized when last nights hour or so in game, pootling around turning in quests etc, was sufficient to level me and get me my first Level 60. Yay, Shoo!


Way to go!

I am cranking along still, but will be limited play until Tuesday night. See you on!

So if I find out what pile of trash I put my eq2 cd under you will twink me out or whatever the term is? :)

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