With apologies

Because ‘Jeff’ didn’t deserve that; I have to admit, I still find it a little perplexing the way some of you comment without reference/quotes in different posts. But fair warning, in future; I’m going to continue operating in my assumption that when you comment on a particular post that that’s the post you are commenting on.

Meanwhile… Sorry, Jeff, that you copped the outburst that the comments I chose to delete had worked up.


I’m going to pass on an opportunity here to say something snarky, and thank you for not deleting my posts. My guess is I’m right at the line, and there’s some other people who are crossing it. As angry as I get when I find out I’m not going to get my toy, It is hard to imagine being on your end being the one who doesn’t have the toy people want.

If it makes you feel any better you should see how people rant on my posts. http://www.blog.com.np/united-we-blog/2007/04/04/young-communist-league-rally-against-gaur-killing/

Sounded more like you just had a bad day. I once went on rage too in one project (sent an angry email to one fellow worked for what he did), but it had been a long project and I was very much overworked and stressed to the limit. Damn I was embarrased afterwards. As we say “elämä on” aka “life is”.

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