Columbia investigation and cantina

Happened on the NASA Shuttle Gallery and decided to look thru the “STS-107 Investigation” pictures; curiosity, really. I was expecting something sombre and dignified – pictures, perhaps, of some of the folks who put in some long, long days on the recovery program.

I wasn’t expecting to learn about the catering arrangements.

Assurance that email access was provided

No evidence table would be complete without a large, black-bag sporting, trash can close by (left of image):

Did I mention there was food provided? (Is it me or do the captions on these two sound decidedly peckish?)

To help calibrate your responses to “Where did you find it?”…

The tale of the investigation would not be complete without a few pictures of the report. You wouldn’t think they were being thorough if didn’t look pretty. It has to say “Tax Dollars Well Spent” when you look at it…

Then there are some pictures, I think, intended to convey “we co-operated with the board, we took it seriously, we even looked inside for pictures”. Instead they kinda look like bizzare b-roll or NASA clipart, don’t they?
We were greatful for our copies of the report subtitled ‘Or how you guys screwed up’
Despite what it did to the guy on the left
We read the cover note…
We read the table of contents and the index…
We read it while waiting in line for the can…
We studied the pages with pictures on…

I think I smell a coverup: they only have two copies of the report!

And then, rather harshly I think, they pick on Ron Dittemore. Can you spot the difference?

On the left – announcing resignation; on the right – resigned.

Some of the remaining 1/3rd of the pictures are kinda interesting. See them here.

I don’t mean to make light of the Columbia disaster or the hard work of those who investigated it – it’s just like someone came along and said “No, dude, you’ve got to put a FEW pictures of something other than the kraft services in there”…


“Where are you from” is such a veritable treasure trove.
– Note the concrete pillar labelled “Human Resources Specialist”.
– Note the sign next to “Where are you from” saying “LOST AND FOUND See Security”; isnt’ that a bit like a sign in a firehouse that says “In case of fire: Call 911”?
– “Civil Rights Harassment” just kinda stands out
– Someone considerately extended the map by drawing Alaska on the chipboard
– But nobody stuck a pin in it

Of course, if there were a British Space Program it would have a domain, wouldn’t it :-P Oh wait, it does :). Not too shabby for a nation 1/2 the size of Texas. No pictures of cantinas tho. Maybe that’s where they’re going wrong ;)

Well you didn’t put a .uk in there – duh.

(To be fair, I’d put a link to their actual site but it sorta kinda timed out without giving me anything…)

This was our finest space programme:

Top Gear Space Shuttle

OK, Defting, you’ve got to provide some more links about what the hell that is. :)

video of Reliant Robin space shuttle

Made by a UK TV car show.

Was the best thing I seen on tv for ages!

That was absolutely farking amazing, Defting :)

Not just a UK TV car show…a really funny UK TV car show that has quite a few segments available on YouTube. Sometimes they drive supercars, sometimes they find amusing ways to destroy cheap cars, sometimes they really go over the top i.e. the Reliant Robin project. Great stuff, highly recommended.

Note BTW that the link above is to the second half of the Reliant Robin project. The engineering phase is fun as well. The fundamental concept of this show…lay out a big budget on having real-world technical folks set up bizarre projects for them using real-world hardware, instead of having movie prop and special effect folks fake them…is wonderfully subversive.

Aren’t some of those guys from the UK’s attempt at Mythbusters, “Brainiac”?

I’m not sure Kfsone – I only watch a few political shows, sports and top-gear on the TV…

Richard Hammond is formally of Brainiac, but he’s now under exclusive contract to the BBC.

/How’s that for an American? :)

Other stunts theyve recently got up to include annoying the Malaysian Government by proving a Malaysian made car was rubbish by hammering it with a sledge hammer then suspending it from a crane and blowing it up… Richard Hammond nearly dying when the he lost control of a jet car and ended up in hospital with suspected brain damage (cue lots of jokes including one in the space shuttle sequence) and driving through the US deep south in 3 cars trying to get the other 2 drivers killed by putting graffiti on their cars (man love being great, country music being rubbish etc.) The last one backfired a bit when they nearly were.

Its good viewing.

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[…] Derek Hail wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptHappened on the NASA Shuttle Gallery and decided to look thru the “STS-107 Investigation” pictures; curiosity, really. I was expecting something sombre and dignified – pictures, perhaps, of some of the folks who put in some long, … […]

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