Blind dreams

I have this recurring dream scenario – I’ve been granted three wishes and my first is a sort of smart holodeck that lets me visit most anywhere in the universe and answer questions about what I’m seeing. My first destination is always Mars, often followed by Venus and the question “could we terraform this place and how?”

I was suddenly awoken from one of these on Saturday morning. I was probably having the dream because I’ve been looking at lots of Mars rover and other space pictures all week. What woke me was the awareness I just wasn’t ‘seeing’ anything. It was like the images were there but they weren’t being shown – or I wasn’t seeing them; like they were implied by the storyline.

When I think about it, I can’t remember the last time I did ‘see’ the images in a dream. I was never very good at the whole minds eye thing.

So I’m curious: when people talk about seeing something in their minds eye, is it actually anything like seeing? Or is it more like calling up the sum of all the little details?


For quick fun experiments at home, close your eyes in a dark room and create images on your eyelids. Press your eyeballs and see flashes of color. Where’d that come from? Organize what you’re seeing. Are you seeing it or imagining it when you “push” the images into pinwheels or symmetrical starbursts? Can you make pink bunnies or blue trees? Hey…you’re awake. WTF?


I’m with you on this one. I don’t “see” in my dreams but simply “know/feel” what I’m supposed to be seeing. On the other hand, I’ve met people that “see” and even some in colours.
It’s weird how mind works :).

Just say NO to drugs.

If you aren’t dreaming about TOEs and only TOEs than something is wrong. I smell a conspiracy!

I love dreaming – I can often remember lots of my dreams and I more often than not remember the visions I have, though like you, sometimes they are more implied, but I have never made a distinction between the two until you have just raised it! I often believe I have some of my best ideas when asleep. So much seems like a fantastic idea until I wake up and think it through rationally.

I didn’t set out to “lucid” dream, but often it used to happen. I think they are also closely related to sleep paralysis and hypnapompic halucinations which I used to often get (probably pot related in my teens!), though I do suffer hypnagogic hallucinations, but for me they are not as strong as those on waking. Often I had what I can only describe as a russian doll effect of waking up. I needed to throw myself out of my state of sleep, only to find I was still asleep. Sometimes I would do this 10-20 times before I could finally throw myself awake. Was pretty scarey at first, then annoying, but sometimes I long for it again as this lucid state is soemthing which can be harnessed for “original thought” as it is quite powerful, but I rarely has the balls to do it for long.

Sleep disorders are fascinating. Technically I probably had them, but never went to see a quack as to me a disorder is something negative, but I found them quite indifferent (even positive) yet very interesting.

My guess is your dream probably CTHL’d. :P

Find that pretty fascinating, Defting.

I kinda over-did it at one of my past jobs and wound up with Chronic Fatigue. The primary symptoms were a sort of narcolepsy (I only blacked out while not sitting/lying down a couple of times) and a waking paralysis (which is f**king scary). But there were also incredibly lucid dreams.

I didn’t realize they were dreams until much later: at the time they were merely disorienting experiences. One of the reasons that I particularly like Fight Club is that the element of internal-ambiguity resonates for me.

I certainly see things in my dreams just like seeing in real life, in fact last nights was weird.
I was Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible and had to swing from one skyscraper to another by rope which was terrifying, i then had to shhot open a window and dive through while a helicopter with a sniper on it tried to take me down, during this my hot tomboyish female accomplice absailed down a rope and took potshots at the helicopter with an AK47 managing to make it smoke and pull away, i dove through the window and landed in the middle of a lady giving her leaving speech to the rest of her workmates.

Very strange indeed :)

I do not recall dreams often but they are visual and in color. My dreams find me in distress unable to accomplish some task. I would like to have a vivid sexual dream just once.

Pretty interesting subject.

I’ve found that, for me at least, I have the most relaxed/enjoyable dreams when I’ve had a full but unstressful day.
Yes I dream in color and in some dreams can remember/recall vivid “pictures”.

When under stress though it seems to be more of awakening and realizing I was dreaming but can’t recall anything about the dream.

When I was young (preteen/early teen) there was a……I don’t know, call it a dream object or prompt that I could concentrate on and it would put me into a dream stste wherein I knew I was dreaming but just rolled withit. A “cool I’m dreaming this but lets see what’s next” kinda deal. The dream object was just a mental image of a slowly rotating box that wobbled or rotated on more than one axis. Sounds weird but it did happen.

Somewhere in my late teens it quit working but I can still see or call up the box image. It just don’t trigger anymore. Perhaps maturity and the stresses that accompany growing up shorted out the “dream box”…..Course it coulda been hitting a tree with my motorcycle and being knocked out for 20 minutes that did it too….

and being knocked out for 20 minutes that did it too…

Hmm – that’s particularly interesting. I only remember really lucid dreams from before my drowning incident. Of course, it’s a long time ago (age 12) so I could definitely be misremembering. Maybe its just as we get older we learn to distinguish the two forms of vision?

For an interesting ‘minds eye’ experiment, or exercise (mind training), try and visualise a tesseract (or hypercube, a four-dimensional cube) in all four of its dimensions. It’s not impossible, you can gain yourself a point of reference by extrapolating from three dimensions (like drawing a 3-d cube on a 2-d piece of paper, try and draw a 4-d cube in a 3-d space, and then actualising it in your mind’s eye).

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