When I get to working on the update system, I really need to remember not to look at the current code if I’m going to replace it. As a programmer, there is something seriously disturbing about being responsible for a section of code, 7588 lines, that you don’t actually understand the workings of. It unmans you. The density of tricks and assumptions and caveats makes it quantum and standard physics – you seemingly can’t understand both at once.

And sometimes, testing can be such hard work.

(yes, I am only running in 800×600 with nothing turned on; low spec system here)

Thanks to everyone who helped out on the beta server today. Dinant remains FFA :)


please tell me the old code is at least commented well? haha yeah right huh?

Good code comments itself. Especially if the variable names are random or the exact opposite what they actually are.

This might cheer you up..if you haven’t seen it already:


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