Been spending my spare time over the weekend in EQ2; Legends of Faydark are giving me a chance to see content I’ve always managed to miss out on before – killed my first ever Epic x2, quite a fight, and we explored down into Solusek’s eye which gets pretty neat. Then we surfaced for a 2 group raid on Rahotep. I have to say, Sinking Sands is the last place I expected to ever have fun after the last month or so. But Rahotep was absolutely awesome. I can see why people get hooked on raiding.

I’ve also been helping some friends out and revisiting some content that I’d skipped with the Rats group. Found a number of small things seem to have been fixed without patch notes – e.g. in the last few weeks they finally fixed the “captured” NPCs in Tenebrous Tangle so that we were reliably able to release the mender, etc. Thank you :) Lots of Ten Tangle quests still appear under their own heading regardless of whether you list by zone or category.

Shoo has made 63 at last; which means another round of upgrades and coming up on the final round too. Annoyingly, there seems to be very little in the way of Fury armor that has Int. I guess I’m misunderstanding the idea of a “battle fury”. It seems that if I want to be a nuker, I have to wear cloth armor.

Once again I feel slightly like I’m banging my head against the broker. I was looking at adornments (items which boost the stats of other items). There are 5 pages of the same darn items, none of which I am interested in, and no way to eliminate “temper” adornments so that I can try and narrow down my search.

I was looking at possible charm updates; I use a couple of +int hex dolls. Seemed natural to upgrade to the Level 60 doll, but the Level 60 doll turns out to be inferior to the Level 40 doll: you have to look carefully and notice that, although called the same, one is “Mastercrafted” and one isn’t. So I’ll have to find someone to make me a level 60 mastercrafted doll :)

What’s really baking my noodle, though, is the process of trying to upgrade my gear. With so many items to choose from and so many stats at play, its a real pain in the ass trying to juggle all the +s and -s of replacing 2 or 3 items. Sure, this gives me +10 wis, but it costs me over 1600 points of resists and 23 str. Mind you, if I switched my wrist piece to that one, it’d reduce the resist drop to 200 points and the str drop by only 2 – I can afford that for 23 str.

I really wish there was something that could look at what’s available on the broker, what you’re currently wearing, and then list combos that provide overall upgrades that you can afford. The number of items isn’t that big because you can cull it by slots, wearability, level ranges, price and desired stats to increase.

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For everything you ever wanted to know about adornments, and more: http://siufu.net/diary/eof.htm

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