Why does Seven…

… never assimilate the people trying to whack her?


Because that would make her ‘evil’ and in the trek universe, our heroes are decidedly not ‘evil’.

One of the reasons that I like Battlestar:Galatcica so much: everyone is grey. It would have been a cool story to explore that instead of another holodeck adventure.

Well, true, but it just seems like Seven was – for at least a season – definitely grey material.

And of course, they could have brought it back “from the brink” by making them “modified nanoprobes”.

Because Voyager sucks raw eggs.

As much as I like Trek & it’s universe, it was for the most a very black & white universe. As Dwpenney says, you know who the good guys where and who the badies where.

It’s probably why I always found things like B5 slightly more interesting, the characters weren’t so black & white and it just gave the show an added edge.

Yeah, the lack of B5 on standard cable lately is sucky :( Although, to be honest, the show hasn’t aged well.

If Seven assimilated everyone who attacked her would it be like giving Braveheart a lightsaber. You would know the outcome.

The better characters in B5 are the ones who have shadowy parts to their profile, Mollari and G’Kar come to mind.

That’s what I love about BSG – everyone has their shadowy and light bits. Like G’Kar and Mollari in B5, there were the dark moments and their were the moments of insight and, well, humanity :-). With Seven it would have been an incredibly interesting story to have her ‘tempted’ by the dark side of her power (not necessarily her past). We could have seen the human struggle against that power and how she would have been more human with it.

Instead we get holo-deck adventures (sorry, but that has been a bad idea since the next generation – a crutch to get away from quality writing).

B5 was one of my favorite shows, only recently supplanted by BSG. And, as KFSone says, it has nit aged well :-)

B5 was a bit like an early adventure game or perhaps even a MUD – it wasn’t pretty unless you were hooked or in the process of getting hooked, and then it was your imagination that polished the work.

I think the back-of-hand comm devices were a big turn off for a lot of people – I guess that either a wrist-mounted or trek-style badge were out of the question for JMS.

With B5, I think it was a matter of seeing the correction combination of episodes to get you hooked. I’d seen B5 tons of times and though “what a crock” before I finally found myself addicted.

Bruce Boxleitner was bloody awful. I can’t tell whether he was permanently stoned, an early experimentor with botox, if he just found the guys with plastic heads so funny he was always on the brink of losing it or if he was GWB’s facial-expression role model – but the guy was always grinning. Or maybe he was just modelling his character after Puck.

Maybe the BSG team should remake B5 – or perhaps take a fresh shot at Crusade with a decent cast.

B5 is by far my favourite sci-fi show – but yep, it’s very much a product of the early 90s – jsut as BSG(NG) is very 00s with it’s not-steady-cam-mockumentary look. I love the plots and the subtle humour in the plot lines and the sheer bravery around wanting to have a show which would have a plot that would last through it’s run.

Just look at the first season of 24 as a counter-point – half way through it complete changes when they realise they had funding for the rest of the season!


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