Another kill fest

Another pretty intense Kill-A-Rat night. Since yesterday had been BEF focused, we tried to keep a French theme.

We started out with an Allied blitzkrieg making it to Duren, with a combined forces British/French deployment. The battle was pretty intense although I missed much of it dealing with contact reports and fielding questions/requests etc. Every time I got a few minutes to play, though, it was instantly intense.

Finally, the Allies broke the back of the Axis offensive and when the fight started to really wind down we moved to the final part of the event.

British Forces reached Roermond West but hadn’t even finished arriving when the entrenched Axis forces at Roermond East began an all out assault across the river. Very quietly, elite French troops moved up behind Roermond, took out the German’s defensive firebase and charged the Germans in a cavalry movement. Embattled on both sides the Germans recovered and consolidated their positions brilliantly – they lost a lot of equipment.

It was actually a close call in the end, again I missed out on a lot of the action because I was having to continually relocate the mobile spawns in order to prevent us getting cut off, and we’d lost a significant chunk of our numbers at the start of the battle during to the conspiracy nuts. 

If you are an ArFR player who was playing tonight and felt you got shafted, we didn’t have an automatic setup for the second half of the event, and we didn’t want to announce the details until it was complete or it wouldn’t have gone nearly as well as it did. You did almost get shafted, but only due to 3-4 players who have never learned not to distract the driver.

Thankfully, I think the event was so much fun that most people didn’t notice and had one huge blast – epsecially the French guys as they rolled up behind the German positions and later took the town ;)

I took a lot of Fraps footage, but I suspect lots of it is of me trying to approve contact reports ;)

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who played thru with us – it was a blast. It’s been a great motivator around the office, I hope we’ll be doing a few more of these!


As designated Mission Leader for the Axis attack, I can say with certainty that there was no “back” in the attack to “break”. Had the event been one that rewarded prudence, I would never have let the infantry get so close to town. We would have holed up at the FB.

And we would have had some armor. Armor is nice for attacking a town that is surrounded by wide open fields.

And some air cover. Lots in fact.

Lemming Rush FTW!

I missed the event, whats this about conspiracy nuts?

Certainly was fun and different.

Funnbiest thing I saw was at the East FB to Duren, where there where several bofors demanding to know why no-one was towing them. When I push my bofors 5 yards past them a HT with 10 assorted bofors & pak’s appeared! Player number where so high that even with MAX visible player limit set you couldn’t see friendly unit at more then 10 feet!
Or it could have been that being a bofors it was drawing the hundreds of EA that seamed to be there first! :-)

Still good fun. Glad the Rats enjoyed it too.

I was trying to calm down some voices that should know better. I don’t think I was successful.

People get very wound up about this Kill-A-Rat and I wanted to remind them that *dying* was not penalized; only killing a Rat was rewarded, and the set-up didn’t matter. Shoot germans.

For those of us French at Roermond in Sherman 76’s who got to fire at Tigers from the rear at 800m…that was the best gameplay experience ever for an old allied tanker. If you havn’t seen Kelly’s Heroes, where that is the only way to take on a Tiger – go see the DVD. Clint Eastwood, Donald Sutherland, Don Rickles – great WW II story of an allied bank robbery by US Army merc’s. And I got to live it. Wooot!

I had 6 kills as a sniper against poor BLOO’s helpless axis infantry trying to get into a town that 50 Panzers would not have been able to take.

Suggestion: Over-Pop (prime-time) side attacks an almost undefensible town with bushes and hills right up to the open AB. Get enemy MSPs (like BLOO) inside town and spawning like Beta with both sides in the AB, etc.

Some kind of dead-even start that the overly-enthusiastic side players can agree is a fair fight…because no one owns anything but Over-Pop is required to prevail to win.

Let the armor, bofors and air players come to the fight from FB’s on both sides, but INF is already clusterf**ked throughout the town for both sides. :) Maybe we should have 2 Rats try this during the new map? :)

Anyway – very large turn-out and a very, very successful promotion of the game. I recommend more of these, even if its just 2 Rats who wish to show up for a free-for-all Saturday for 2 hours or something. Very cool.

Thank you.

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