OMG ego sum bardus.

If you’re going to run Fraps on more than one system, it really pays to set both machines to the same hotkey for record. :(

Unfortunately I assume I’m smart enough not to need the FPS counter. That’s a rough one to be demonstrated to be wrong on.

I was really looking forward to posting the footage of the French ambush of the Axis campers at Roermond, that was just so sweet.

The Axis tanks were all set up on the ridge along the riverbank, very nicely hull down and partially concealled from the British positions on the far side. Not a one of them noticed the one or two reports of the large French armor column advancing on them from the east.

The French, meanwhile, very nonchanantly took their time choosing their firing positions, allowed themselves time to move into position and then opened fire. Man, it was a slaughter ;)

It was a rough fight for the Brits who “awoke” to find their equipment was still arriving and they were armed with 2lbers and rifles and confronted with a Tiger tank set up on the bridge already. However, it was always intended to be a French fight.

Once the French had broken the back of the Axis armor, it got down to the meat grinder. The Axis were clearly not happy at finding the Allies co-operating to present them a dual front, and their defense on the eastern front against the French was savage. We had to keep a constant flow of trucks rolling in from the east because our MSPs weren’t lasting more than a few minutes – and all this while trying to dislodge the Brits from Roermond West.

The Germans stayed coherent too; I died a number of times from being spooked with a grenade from one direction only to step into the fire of a second trooper waiting to see what the grenade flushed. But the French also held it together, maintaining excellent firing lines, taking up positions covering the mission leader and/or each other. But with so many guns, there was a lot of dying to be done ;)

There’s talk in-house of doing another of these, and I for one can’t wait.


Maybe for a while a strategic marketing focus change from campaigns to a continuing series of Events, i.e. what’s been going on for the past few days, but presumably with a little less Rat participation so that you can return to development?

If the product had been nothing but battles like those of the last couple of days, continuously for the past 2+ years, it’s not hard to surmise that customer retention and word of mouth growth might both have been considerably improved.

The obvious thing is to replace the standard intermission with these style of events.

Whist I and it seamed the majority loved these last 2 days there where also many complaining that the new map hadn’t started, or that tha mass numbers of players in such a small area was killing their FPS making it un-playable, or just complaining that they where dying to oftern!

J, I think you underestimate the number of people who play this game BECAUSE of the persistant map, and also the variaty of gameplay the game offers.
It was very noticible that during last night ‘Kill a Rat’ event nearly all the normal KM players where STILL sailing and fighting in DD’s whilst the rest of us where at the event.
Why was this? The event was great fun. The answer is because they like to sail ships and fight on the seas, thats what they enjoy and play the game to do.

Look, having a persistent, player run theatre is not mutually exclusive with having structured events WITHIN the main game.

It is a very common thing for people who participate in special events to say, “gee, I wish the main game was like this”. The answer is always that it cannot be, and that there must be separate events and main game servers. Sadly, the VAST majority of subscribers never even knew about these events, and the organizers had a bias towards historical scenarios rather than red vs blue types, which would be far more popular.

In Airwarrior, we used to have special nights (friday bomber night for example), when everyone knew to show up at a certain time, and there would be large, structured operations that were different from the main game.

The key to success is REGULARITY, (people need to know when to show up without the need for event advertising), and RELIABLE GOOD LEADERSHIP (which means a RAT). I would also strongly suggest that both side know where the battle will be, and they should have extra equipment on their spawn lists.

The RATS could randomly pick which side attacks and defends, which side has more equipment, and how much warning the defender gets.

I know this kind of structure is offensive to some people, but really we are only talking about a few hours of gameplay in an entire week. It is unlikely these special battles would have a descisive outcome on who wins the map.

One of the basic ideas here is that this game could be WAY more fun to play, even without any additional coding, art, whatever. CRS is a Dev shop that has always been in continual development mode. I’ve never seen any evidence that they understand entertainment or know how to manage the game they already have.


“ego sum bardus” lol nice one, I’m gonna have to remember that one for I need it regularly too :)

trout wrote:
Look, having a persistent, player run theatre is not mutually exclusive with having structured events WITHIN the main game.

Well I guess you’re right. I mean. Who cares if you move or add some brigades, change some spawnlists, draw players away from the campaign’s front lines.

trout wrote:
I’ve never seen any evidence that they understand entertainment or know how to manage the game they already have.

Crikey. I don’t give them 6 months then.

So – mobile spawning isn’t a win for entertainment over realism? Please, please, please tell the realism guys that.

Or maybe you just missed the events that we did run in the live server – since you seem to be operating under the assumption that we’ve never even tried it.

Because the world and campaign are persistent, events in the live server have to be formulated around the materials in-game. Players really don’t like it when we mess with spawn lists or brigade positions during an active campaign unless we stop the persistent world and force everyone to participate. And even the best intermission we’ve run has had less than 35% attendance.

Ultimately an event is a shoebox battle. And yet you seem to believe that in a continuous, persistent world, it is somehow possible to have these shoebox events and magically satisfy more players than you piss off.

But you can’t.

So you see, its not just events in a persistent world, its events in a persistent and live campaign. Which means any such event has to be tailored around the active and existing frontline, around the supply and equipment available to you and around the players spawned and spawning into the world at and around where your event is planned.

Unless you separate these events from the campaign, they have to live by the rules of the campaign. And if they live by the rules, they are just CRS interference in the campaign. If you open up an event at Dunkerque while the front is in the east, the event either has to be non-persistent or you have to be happy in pissing off thousands of players for the entertainment of a few hundred absolute tops.

“Why do they have Dunkerque?” “Because of a stupid CRS event”

Or, you have your event and tell everyone “After the event we’ll reset the towns and force everyone in the area to despawn”. Well, at least you’ll get the 50-150 people that would turn up on the event server and that they won’t mind when non-event antendees turn up and interfere. It’s the live server, so they’re allowed to.

If you have your events on the frontline, you undermine the work of the HCs and the players. Once again, the balance of happy/pissed favors not doing it.

Any thought of bringing back the SET?

I’d volunteer to assist………………..

Though I do recall hearing that it was a great pain in the ass.

The problem with SET was two-fold:

a/ It’s an additional, separate, server cluster with significant deviations from the live server which makes it non-trivial (read: time consuming) for me to maintain. And I mean “me”.

b/ Without more development, it just wasn’t paying for itself. The tools and server needed improvements, and the SET team was [being encouraged to] continually try to push the envelope of what it could do

I’d love to see live-server events, I usually push for some kind of activity when a new vehicle is rolled out but not yet RDPed. I’d love to come up with some kind of “diversionary” activities that could be automatically or manually injected into the game world specifically to draw people away from AOs and capture activities.

However – unless it has some kind of interaction with the persistant world is going to make it less attractive to 99% of our players than if it had, say, an RDP bonus or maybe got you the M10 a day early or something.

But as soon as you do that, you gotta make DAMN sure that how it sits in the world is 100% by the books. If one FB is further than the other – more harm than good. If 3 players on the losing side got CTDed, now that outcome affects thousands of other players – more harm than good.

And then there’s the matter of aftermath. What if your event turns out to open up a breach through which one side can suddenly move and change the face of the campaign? What if it turns out that the supply you used had been overstocked by a squad in preparation for squad night tonight? Remember, persistent world.

Running standalone events has to be the way to go with events of any significance or long-term appeal. But we’re stuck there too because we just don’t have sufficient manpower to develop a separate server.

I’m still, here and there, trying to subsume the SET server back into the live server by making the live server more flexible – primarily to enable better Intermissions, but each improvement hopefully brings us a step closer to making it so that the training/event server can literally be one server rather than two separate builds, and that both of them will simply be a copy of the live server with different configuration settings.

The participation comparison between campaigns and events is understood. How do intermissions rank on that same participation scale?

One hopes there’s been an effort to measure excitement and likelihood-to-recommend-to-non-customer-friends for both campaign and intermission participants. It seems desirable to follow the gameplay path, at least for a while, that the measurements show objectively results in fastest customer growth…even if that path is a series of shoebox Intermissions plunked down on the big map, and even if in the course of gaining a greater number of customers, the game loses a lesser number of present customers who prefer gameplay aspects that disappear for a while.

By “Intermission”, I refer specifically to the Kill-A-Rat specials.

There sure have been a lot of subjective comments on how well attended and exciting they were.

Is it possible that the game has progressed far enough that it’d be justifiable to slow down aspects of development for a while to devote most server-programmer and producer resources to supporting a series of flashy intermissions, in return for building up the revenue base?

This is all I’m suggesting really – the idea that events and standard gameplay need not take place on different servers.

Its a worthy goal to pursue (not that you have the time)and I do understand that there are no simple host tools that would enable a rat other than you set things up and manage them live.

I dont see how it undermines the work of the HC’s as long as the effect over multiple campaigns is side neutral. Of course some people would complain, but if they were well run events that took place regularly (lets say friday nights), the legion of fans would outweigh the detractors.

I’ve always been an advocate of the idea that our entertainment should be actively managed by CRS in conjunction with the playerbase. But I also know that is a taboo subject.

And yes, I HAVE played events, and even paid for tickets that I was not re-embursed for when this service was canceled. (In fact, I’ve kept my subscription up for months even though I could not play due to CTHL)
(thanks for fixing this BTW!)


“I’d love to come up with some kind of “diversionary” activities that could be automatically or manually injected into the game world specifically to draw people away from AOs and capture activities.”

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