How to mislabel your product: H2O

Go on – one guess – whats in the innocent looking can labelled “H2o”?

Did you guess “Latex Spray Paint“?


lol…it’s got what plants crave

It’s got electrolytes?

Cool, the three people that saw Idiocracy are in the same thread! Although I had the privilege of actually seeing it in a theater.

No amount of labeling or warnings will save them from the impending lawsuits…

While the movie was mearly ok. It had changed me and my friends lives forever. I think I have seen it about 8 times and I don’t know why. I think quoting the movie is almost more fun than the movie itself.

lol, very amusing. It would be funnier, albeit dangerous, if a store employee switched the actual water with Krylon H20 and put the actual water in the paint section.

Nowhere on the website do I see anything that tells me I can’t drink it. Sign me up for some delicious H2O!

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