Playing 1.26

Kill-A-Rat was a blast (Rafter ran a promotion this week during the intermission: all the rats would be in-game during an extended intermission pending 1.26’s release, and the top 10 most rat kills would win a t-shirt)

It was a hell of a lot of fun, although running a live event is pretty damn stressful. The small number of players who were locked into the tribal mentality of the campaigns made it the more clear that we need to invest a little more energy into making the intermissions more structured and more fun.

Frankly, I’ve never been good at long-term planning for events – as anyone who still recalls flying with me from WarBirds will tell you, any talent I have at planning is under-fire, emergency planning. That’s one reason that our “RAF 617 Dambusters Squadron” so frequently took the low road.

Even so, the rough-sketches I’d drawn up for the second night, with the hunch that Rafter might dump me in charge, worked out well. Nobody on the sharp end of the stick complained, the only people who didn’t get that it was about fun and t-shirts were among the ones being handed the gold hand-grenade … certain ArFR officers – which frankly, tends to draw me towards a particular conclusion. Uhm, lets just say they’re not Badger.

Still, I had a pretty freaking awesome time. And I’ve been having a lot of fun in-game this last week. One of the best fights has to have been Thionville (as Axis).

We had an incredibly strong position, we had plenty of surrounding towns, we had depots on the east bank and facilities on the west side of the river. But every time we tried to open an FB, the Allies had someone ready to take it down.

Still, we had spawnables and MSPs. I lucked out and got a sniper rifle and I was picking off EI. Friendlies were streaming past but I was starting to notice lots of names repeat. Hmm. BANG, I was dead.

Things still looked promising, the Allies fellback and the last AB turned Axis. But I was noticing my deaths were happening more quickly. I started heading south from the MSP and depot I’d been working out of towards the railroad bridge where lots of troops were massing (I so wish I’d filmed all the guys moving up in groups towards the railroad depot)

But no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t get across the river. The Luftwaffe came in and tried to take out the armored resistance, but the FAF were all over them. Axis tanks and AT guns took up cautious positions and tried to do some damage, but with so many enemy infantry running around they were continually distracted away from the hardened targets.

Finally the town began slipping back Allied, some of them even managed to sneak past us and take out our MSPs. A call went out to put as big a dent in their incoming supplies as we could while pulling out.

You know its been a damn good fight when you lose and still come out whooping ;)


Yeah that’s great…

I had what I think was a spectacular idea for mission leader spawning to day. I want to know what you think of it. I’ll give it in bullet points so you can strike out sections you don’t like. Please let me know what you think.

Part I -building spawning

1. Each building is given a designated spawn point.

2. When a mission leader is inside a building, the spawn point of that building becomes active under his mission.

3. There must be at least two other friendlies in the building for the spawn point to be active

4. There must be no enemies in the building for the spawn point to be active

5. The building must be inside a specified radius of a friendly facility

6. The friendly facility must have a supply link

7. The building must be outside a specified radius of an enemy facility

Part II -Squad spawning

1. Each mission has a squad manifest. This manifest is a list of all the positions available in a squad. For example: 10 riflemen 5 smg 2LMG 1 sapper.

2. This list caps what units and how many can be spawned into a mission at once.

3. If someone on a mission dies within a certain radius of the mission leader, their unit (and slot) remains reserved for them to spawn back into.

3. The content list can be modified manually by the mission leader.

4. The mission leader will also be able to choose from a set of default lists that very according to mission type (in order to save time and cognitive load)

5. The OIC will be able to limit the resources allocated to individual missions.

6. A mission leader will be able to change their manifest mid mission, one of the available manifests will be “nil” and allow the mission leader to cut off spawning without closing the mission.

7. The OIC will be able to do the same with the resources allocated, in order to cut off spawning.


Other than in large cities, would this not cause people to be spawning too close to the action (never thought I’d say that!)

What I’d like to see is people re-spawning at their leader as long as he is within a semi-circular zone outside of town (on the FB side of the town)- and as long as they died within a certain range of him (KFS’ idea). If the leader leaves the zone, a 2IC he nominates, or the next highest ranking person in the zone becomes the new spawn point. For immersion purposes people would spawn in prone

This would allow spawning to continue even when the leader dies or is right in town, close to enemy facilities.

re-read part I #7, #5, and #4

“re-read part I #7, #5, and #4”

Ok, so you have covered the fact that there needs to be a minimum distance rule, but you still have people spawning into buildings in the town. I’m not saying thats a bad idea, I’m just pointing out this compresses the battle space so that (perhaps) even more of the fighting will take place in town.

You are also encouraging leaders to enter buildings to set up a spawn location there. Ideally, a forward HQ position (which is what a spawn point is) should not HAVE to be in a building, but should be located wherever it makes tactical sense (maybe a berm, ditch, or behind some other structure)


You are also encouraging leaders to enter buildings to set up a spawn location there. Ideally, a forward HQ position (which is what a spawn point is) should not HAVE to be in a building, but should be located wherever it makes tactical sense (maybe a berm, ditch, or behind some other structure)
Well don’t think in terms of “forward HQ”, think in terms of “people popping up out of nowhere” – you want that somewhere enclosed to avoid any unnecessary immersion breaking.
I’m of the opinion that countryside mobile-spawning is fairly well covered with the current system, or at least as well as it can be. Any proposals to change the system are generally aimed at instant action in cities since it’s an area that makes sense, if only for the reason that you can’t see 3 km out to see how little sense it makes that people are coming out of that building in front of you.

No response from KFS1 looks like this ones going to the forums.

Man I miss this game, but then you had to go and mention Badger too…

Brasidus sighting!

It looks like you didn’t use search. Similar has already been discussed in my previous discussion of this many months ago.

Hehe, boy those screenshots take me back – might have to get a zipfile of them from you (I lost my screenies over the years =(

Bleh, I miss those fun low-level runs onto those AFs, and especially the time when we were flying B17s and saw you diving down to the right, so we all followed you in (thinking there was a con we didnt see) – only to find you lawndarting into the sea!


What search terms would I use, if it was me you were talking too?


spawn at mission leader


You have put a lot of thought into this and I like some of the teamwork concepts you have laid out – But please NO MORE TELEPORTATION.

I concede that CRS needs to provide a MS type device so that it can woo fps players by creating instant action. These players are an important part of maintaining a high balance of subscribers drawn from many other WWII genre games that provide inferior strategic and tactical game play. There existence in the game provides the uncertainty, chaos, and fog of war that creates a certain amount of excitement on the battlefield.

When we start talking about providing the organized team play mechanisms that are so badly needed for this game, a spawn at leader concept goes too far.

The basic concept of a field unit is one of shared hardship and self reliance. The ability to respawn to the commanders position after dieing cheapens the achievements of the group and is far too gamey to provide credible feeling of teamwork and satisfying game play.

My other critique of this proposal is that there are far too many variable mandated to implement the system. (This is a power point presentation)

Here is a Mission UI that I put together that would allow players to group and brief for missions like you have described. It keystones into the existing UI (however, could be adapted to new systems as they appear) and would not change the spawn dynamics for those that enjoy the current UMS type system. Other tools have been integrated into this presentation that could quickly and easily be programed into the game to help organize game play.

It seems to me that either respawn-at-ML, respawn-at-point-designated-by-ML or (in the case of defensive missions) respawn-at-physical-feature-that’s-central-to-defensive-assignment are necessary in order to get to functional-benefits-from-proximity-to-ML and the realistic-immersiveness and noob-integration gains to be had from expected/required mission group cohesion.

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