A major leap

From today’s patch notes

Quest Sharing:

  • You can now share Quests (both incomplete and complete) with your groupmates using the new button in your Quest Journal!
  • When sharing a Quest, the receiver will start at the beginning of the Quest.
  • You must have completed all the prerequisites in order to receive a shared Quest. If you haven’t, a message will tell you what you need to do.
  • Certain types of Quests cannot be shared: Hallmark, Heritage, Signature and Betrayal Quests, plus the first Quest in each Deity line.
  • Receivers will be granted any items that the original Quest NPC gives at the start of the Quest.

Something I’ve been hoping for for a long time. But it’s funny experiencing the twinge of coder envy – my first thought at reading the readme was how quietly they slipped this in:


  • A new mount is now available. Tame your own fearsome Warg! Talk to Heinrich in the Loping plains to get more details.
  • You can now share many of the quests in your quest journal with others. Even if you’ve completed them already!
  • The Coercer Class Hat is now available!
  • You can now save and load custom graphics settings.

And before thinking “cool”, I thought “dang, I can’t wait until we slip those three little letters so casually into a readme” :)

I also noticed they made some progress with temporary items; they’re now stamped with the quest name – but that doesn’t tell you whether or not you need to keep the damn things.

My inventories and banks are largely full of what I think are quest items but that I have no idea whether I need to keep. On the other hand, there are items that dissapear when you’re not expecting it to – the heart and dagger in the Sorcessess’ quest line out of Somborn dissapear when you summon them, which is a shame if she’s too high for you.

Oh, and they made some cool broker changes :)

  • Containers can be flagged as ‘Contents not for sale’. This will hide the contents of the bag from any vender’s sell window.
  • Searching the broker is now more intuitive:
    • Each word you search for can appear in the item name in any order.
    • Use a dash (-) before a word to indicate that the word should not appear in the item name.

That’s a pretty excellent development. If I might suggest, without sounding ungreatful, one last touch would seal the deal — allow quotes around phrases, e.g. -“cold fish”, and add a right-click context option on entries in the broker window which adds -“<item name>” to the search criteria.


Any leaps in your TOE progress?

Ok, not being anything more than an absolute hobbiest in programming, what exactly did they slip in?

Quest sharing. And no, nothing on ToEs because I’ve been out of the office most of this week. TOEs is first thing monday morning, starting with trying to get all of our boxes running the same configuration so that I can eliminate incompatability as a cause for the problems I ran into.

I wish I was better at detecting when its not my fault… When I was working for Demon Internet, I built this snazzy little “self-threading” internet server application library that was designed around distributed data and processing. It was pretty cool, with a nifty little C++ interface.

Only it didn’t work with the first app we built it for. I wound up spending nearly 6 months trying to debug and diagnose it. Its job was simple: when a customer queries the server, tell them how much mail is waiting for them.

Only it would list the wrong mail.

Long story short, it eventually turned out that our mail system *was* dropping mail into the wrong spool now and again, but due to a quirk with the way demon did its mail, the mail was gone by the time a mail admin checked the drop.

By that point I’d smashed the library into a pointless mess and instead I implemented a simple imap-based tool – that’s actually still running the finger@demon service :)

So you’ve gone from FINGERS to TOES, and THUS full circle.


Anyway, look forward to doing some more quest sharing than fiddling with stupid TOE jam. Cheers mate.

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