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A while back Sony did something Ramp has been trying to do for a while, in his spare time, with our game; they managed to integrate a genuine browser into their application. They actually seem to have done the same thing Ramp tried, rendering the browser output to a texture and putting that texture into game viewport, then forwarding mouse events thru (which is why some types of controls don’t work).

Sony’s motivation was, I believe, to make it easier to use their web-based support system. I’m not sure that they are, per se, trying to provide players with an in-game browser. But its there now, you can type

  /browser eq2.gamepressure.com

and (as long as you are running the default UI or your UI has support for the browser window) up comes a fully functional, in-game web browser on gamepressure.

All Sony needs to do now is kick it up a notch by providing either an XML or JS style resource file that can be accessed from within the browser, something like an eq2 dom object so that fan/community/guild sites can write self-customizing pages by utilizing the javascript engine itching to be used in the browser. Even simple things like

<script type=’text/javascript’>
// When viewing inside EQ2, make the default spell list match
// your persona/alignment
if ( eq2 ) {
  selectSpellCategory(eq2.persona.class, eq2.persona.alignment) ;

Of course, this would allow for some degree of automated pilfering – a site would be able to automatically post this information to itself and thus capture your persona information. Allakhazam or magelo could have a field day by allowing players to automatically update their portfolios just by visiting.

It might also make automated item database building a lot easier. Course, what I most want to see is a way to automate an upgrade advisor ;)

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oliver, did you ever play tribes2? there was an in game clan feature that utilized a browser interface, even had in game message boards and email system. it was pretty cool. something like that would be nice for ww2ol.

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