DoF … yawn

Played some EQ2 tonight, my UI doesn’t have the button for quest sharing because I have a horizontally split quest journal. I’ll have to add it next week. Got into a fairly good group and we decided to check off a few Desert of Flames quests.

What a drag. So many solo updates that need a group. 5 of us means 20 minutes getting one update for an item sitting on the floor. Sigh.

I hope Poets Palace isn’t going to be like that, or I’ll just stick to KoS and EOF.


No. PP is 4 zone-tastic levels of mucho magnificent access questing galore complete with a splendid puzzle you’ll need a friendly removals man’s help on and a complete lack of master drops which I’VE BLOODY NEEDED SINCE THE BEGINNING OF FOREVER!!!1


Oi – You took me to PP once. I had fun. I’ve gotten access to it already and done the first floor access quest. It was fun. I had chance to try out a new ear-wax remover while doing the access quests.

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