The Lost Room

After the first 5 minutes, I was thinking: “Was this a really great sci-fi concept that they wanted to stretch their interns legs on?” But a couple of people had recommended it, so I plowed on.

Title music by “I’m missing the X-Files, will Mark Snow have my babies?”

I wonder if they had to pay extra for retro string sounds or if someone just had an M1 lying around. Then they use an upbeat version of the same “haunting theme” to the intendly tense opening scene, spoiling it completely.

The dialog in that first scene is freaking terrible. Did the screen writer think it wasn’t worth any effort because of the twist? Could the director not bear to look? Seriously, amateur night. Did they accidentally film a rehearsal?

Then a little while later the gorgeous Julianna Margulies is presented made to look like Madonna’s worst nightmare; like she turned up late for makeup with a hangover and an equally hungover, straight, makeup guy who hated her in ER chose to practice some kind of beginners attempt at makeup-black-magic; like a 60 year old woman trying to look like a 14 year old hooker.

I’m about half way through the first show, and aside from these annoyances, there is a gem of a show struggling to be seen. Hopefully they got paid enough after the first show that Elle Fanning squeezed at least one acting lesson in before  she makes another appearance.

That’s a little unkind, she does ok; but in some scenes she clearly needed more direction than she got. Or maybe it was the same director handling her kidnap scene that fluffed the intro scene.

The premise of the story is more sci-fi than Hollywood; it’s not a guaranteed recast of the formula. It a story that needs telling well and not every scene seems invested with the same belief in the story (or perhaps the show). I’m not entirely surprised there are two directors…

On the whole, definitely better than your average sci-fi show. It seems as though they only vandalized Julianna the once. The whole concept is slightly intriguing, kinda cool. If you can stomach the occasional scenes that remind you you’re watching sci-fi, they’re relatively sparse.

Definitely worth catching.

One Comment

If you haven’t watched the next two parts .. do so, then render judgement.. :)

My opinion is that it’s the best thing sci-fi has done in a while .. just so many cool things!

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