Ding: 66

Friday night I got to watch a couple of fairly fun battles in WWII – I tried putting a little video together, but forgot to crank my buzzard view up from the minimal player vis limit :( I warn you, its 17mb and crap.

Over the weekend I got a few top notch groups with Legends, had some great fun in Loping Plains (despite the Cazi witch quest being broken and refusing to spawn her). On Sunday, after a couple hours of WWII, I logged in to check my bank and found the guild was heading out on a raid. Since I’d just made the minimum rank requirements, I thought “Why the heck not”.

So we made our little 24-man foray out to the Labs. It was a lot more fun than I expected and we made it all the way through without a wipe. I did my fair share of dying, mostly from insta kills.

My bug with raids is that usually the optimum route is also the only safe route; so people can be very reticent to let a newbie experiment. And with my record, that’s probably good. Still – I’ve never quite shaken off my days as Kayfess the bard on Bertoxxulous, where I learned the other way of doing things almost as a reaction to everyone elses perception that bards were mana batteries.

The fury has been a great middle-of-the-road class so far, with adequate dps or healing or tanking to take little groups to fun places. But I think in raid context the fury is an “also came” class. There’s nothing about the class that screams “we need a fury”. In part because high-end fury gear all seems to be focused on WIS for healing, which the fury ain’t all that good at. The absence of decent AGI and INT equipment kinda curtails the fury’s … well, I guess fury. And even then, the fury’s real DPS power is in AOEs.

That said, I was low man on the totem pole, and having been on only the one raid it’s a bit early for me to judge EQ2 raiding as a whole…

I’m looking forward to hitting 70 and seeing more of the high-end Kingdom of Sky and especially Echoes of Faydwer content.


I should get back on the treadmill….

Oh and about the vid:

Nice work! I r teh pwn!

You did indeed pwn from that spot – I wish I could condense the long haul of Ramsey40… He’s the lone sapper you can see in “the cavalry” flydown shot. He sat 2 berms out from you for around 20 minutes before some stray round killed him.

Unfortunately the good buzzard views don’t show up what a big fight it was because all you see are the red tags (enemy units)and a handful of friendlies.

Furies can’t tank labs. :)

I used to always heal the MT shaman in there, on pull, because their wards would peal every time. Or were you dying from those Warlock area effects?

AOes and throws were killing me. I got agro off the one mob that memblurs once, but I dumped agro before he hit me a second time and I lived.

Can you change view biasing dynamically wiht the buzzard?

Sort of like a /command where you can say something like..

/viewbias 50:50 (256)


/viewbias friendly:enemy (maxvisibleunits)

Doh…think I’m feature creeping here….

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