Meh cat eats fries…

When I buy a burger, she gets upset if I eat it without lobbing her bits of fries to chase, catch and eat. Till she gets lazy, then I just have to feed em to her directly. And that’s been the arrangement.

So imagine my surprize tonight when I lifted my burger to take a bite and found myself Lady & The Tramp with my cat over the quarterpounder. At first she was just kind of there on the other side of it. With that kind of “oh, hi, didn’t see you there” sort of reluctance cats have to make eye contact, but then she realized it seemed like I wasn’t going to put her catch back down and she started to glare at me over the top of my cheeseburger.


She won the stare down and is now an eigth of a pound heavier.


Edit: Oh, and we’re talking patty, bun, lettuce and all.

Later Edit: Nix the weight gain.


Lots of good cat pics out there. My current favorite is:

Hehe, I kinda like

1. The assumption your cat has of which you will buy fries with a burger is reprehensible!
2. Your use of Americanised verbal crutches when writing is disturbing!


3. Note to self: don’t post when drunk as you’re not funny.

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