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This is a repost under a more apropriate category *ahem*

Friday night I got to watch a couple of fairly fun battles in WWII – I tried putting a little video together, but forgot to crank my buzzard view up from the minimal player vis limit :( I warn you, its 17mb and crap.


. Editing: Doh!
. Cameramanship: Point the camera *at* the pretty things
. Sound track: You just went with the first MP3 you found, didn’t you?
. Overall: Woud give it a 2/5 if it was 5mb.

Yeah. Now you have to watch it.


OK, WTF. When I try to play that at work it pops an “ActiveVideo” window that refuses to play properly. Feh. I’ll have a shot at re-encoding it tonight.

I found it kind of amusing, actually. WTH was that vickers thinking? :D

That was much funner than the video can relay. It was CRAZY~!


There was constant air bombardment, I can’t believe I survived so many near hits. I think by parking next to the tents, they somehow shielded me. I could be wrong…but the screen never quit shaking. Was a blast!

That’s actually why I don’t have as much usable footage as I thought I did – there was a continual fighter and bomber stream. The unexpected thing, for me, was that the names kept changing.

BTW – “The near miss” – neither infantry spotted each other, and aussie05 was the first sapper to make it to the FB and place charges.

Just showed that to someone at work and he said the games come a long way since he last looked at it.

Give us more of this sh*t ! We love it! :)
If we could watch the game from the 3d angles you (crs) can do it, we might had more watchers than players … exiting stuff! Feed us more!

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