Apparently, rdmenace (nhorning), felt the need to try and demonize me in our forums for my having views on what I might do if I were asked to develop a WWII MMO from scratch.

So it seems like a good point to remind you that this is my personal blog. You may find me attempting to schmooze up to other MMO devs but you won’t see my trying to schmooze up to CRS. I don’t speak oficialese here. If something is sensitive, then I won’t discuss it.

It’s not a trivial distinction but this is kfsone‘s blog not KFS1′s.

And truthfully, if I didn’t like our game, if I didn’t believe in the designs and vision of our designers, and frankly, if I didn’t think my take on what might make the game better didn’t represent what a significant portion of our playerbase wanted, I wouldn’t be working here for the very modest salary I draw. 

But I like the game they’ve been building, even if I from the experience I’ve gained I would try to do things differently here and there in a new project – I wouldn’t be much of a gamer if I didn’t disagree with or dislike some of the things the developers of my favorite MMO did in their game.

I didn’t become an employee by being a fanboy, I came into this job with different opinions on the game I wanted to play. What really matters is that, overall, I’m on the same page as the rest of the team as to the overall picture for this game.

If that’s what you’re looking for – this blog is not for you, because I won’t hold back from my own opinions as to the minutae and details.

Here I post as kfsone.

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