Lord of the Exploit

Some of y’all will see the irony.


After waiting around a few hours for Bloo to get on and join up, we go out on our first fight. I turn on sneak mode and walk up on in some bandits. And up comes that dialog and shortly after death for the both of us.

I’m unclear on what the exploit was – sneaking (my character is a rogue) around light blues?

So far my brief time in LOTRO hasn’t done anything to make me not want to play EQ2 other than take up my play time; it hasn’t done anything to make me give it a thumbs down until this… But there ya go.


Does it look like what you thought middle earth would look like?

Asking, since I know I have to buy and try this no matter what.

almost 30 years since I first read the hobbit. Read the hobbit and picked up the D&D basic box set for a Dollar at K-Mart. (mis marked of on the price tag) All in the same year.

The hobbity bits are hobbity. Otherwise it looks like D&DO so far as I’ve seen.

I found the Dwarven bits to be amazingly Tolkien in feel, and the battlegrounds (for Monster Play) are quite impressive.

Weathertop is a pretty cool site to see. Actually, from my POV the environment is better than most of the other MMO’s that I have played in the genre. Gameplay wise, there are a lot of elements from EQ2 and WoW in game but what draws me more to this game than the others is the story. I am a sucker for story; I like to read the quests and enjoy what the designers are producing.

The message you are getting has to do with a mob that is unable to find a path to you. If you try to kite a mob to a location that the mob can not reach but you can (like being on a cliff overlooking the mob and ‘sniping’ it; you could do this in WoW) you will see the mob with question marks hovering over it’s head, then you will get that message. There is a chance, depending on the location, that the mobs that you are sneaking on are not the ones actually generating the error.

I find the traits, deeds, quests, crafting and lore to all be interesting to me where WoW bored me after my initial interest. EQ2 I never got in to because I could not find a group to quest with as I was starting the game much later than everyone else I was in contact with. Everyone else ran back to their WoW addiction.

Plus, any preorder players get the nice $9.99 per month – which is great for those of us not making a whole lot and buying a new house :-)

I’m 100% in agreement with DWpenney about the look of LOTRO. While it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the EQ2 engine I’m finding the appearance of the world vastly more satisfying. They’ve done a great job with giving the world a Tolkien feel and the areas flow from one to the other logically, without the abrupt jumps seen in EQ2.

The game is basically WOW in Middle Earth. I think after DDO the desire to innovate left Turbine and they just gave the masses more of the same. That said, because of my love of Tolkien I’m finding the world much more enjoyable to play in than those of EQ1/2 or WoW. The combat is much more interesting than what I found in EQ2 with mobs that actually have abilities and tactics that differentiate them from each other in other ways than the graphics used to represent them (WOW did this well too).

The game is very polished. The only bug that affects me is an occasional crash on zone transition and some minor map problems. Most of the people I play with report the same.

My only complaint is that if your play style lends itself to fast leveling it’s very easy to burn through the content in LOTRO just as it was in WOW. You’ll quickly find yourself grinding instances for gear and PvPing to fill time. I lasted for awhile at that level in WOW because I was raiding, but I’m not sure if I’ll want to get that involved again in LOTRO. I got a little burnt out with that level of play.

My general opinion is that LOTRO is a nice filler game to spend time with until WAR shows up.

I’ve been thinking I’m gonna start trying out more MMO games. I already started downloading the Star Wars Galaxies for a free trial and I guess LOTRO would be one interesting one since everyone is playing it.

Still waiting for dreaming about the Interstate 76 MMO though :)

IMHO Lotro didn’t shake off the group-dependency of DDO; I’m enjoying my time in Lotro for hanging out with buddies, but if they went back to EQ2 I’d be there in a heartbeat.

But if you wanna try Lotro, I’ll bring in my DVDs and you can use my buddy key.

Hmmm. Snellman as “Swinger”.

Ok, we’re gonna get a car wars game going and you’re in!

I got the key from Gophur, played it some yesterday and today, trying to figure out whats the deal.

From the start it looked like a whole lot of Diablo or Diablo 2 or whatever hack and slash to me, but eventually I made it to the crafting stuff so at least theoretically you don’t need to just slash through “dungeons” if you don’t want to. This far I managed to grind to level 10 and I have made one pair of leather gloves with a little help from some stranger who boiled the leather for me :)

I heard someone talking about a possibility to buy a horse for traveling, is that really true? If it is, that sounds cool and I definitely will take a tour in Middle Earth. I like the graphics and scenery so far.

Btw I got the stupid anti-exploit message couple of times too just passing through some forest area and not stopping to fight with the monsters.

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