WireTap Update: CP Statuses

Those of you using Wiretap will be pleased to know you can now query the current ownership/status of CPs, as well as current Attack Objectives. You can translate the CP names by using the CP List (xml or javascript).

You can find more details in the documentation.


I’ve been looking into this XML stuff you do. I’m disappointed that the co-ordinates for the CP’s don’t marry to the webmap. This would have saved me a lot of time when plotting brigades onto the webmap.

There was a whole discussion about that. I provided a class that *does* translate it onto a map. If you want to translate it onto some image, you have to do that part yourself ;)

I figured that out :) I’ve done the Channel Sector & Belgium Sector and I’ve got the brigades plotted (poorly atm) onto the webmap.

Can you direct me to the original webmap files (without the lines on)? I don’t want to be drawing from the original site the 5 images every time the software updates as it’ll be a big load, be quicker to grab the xml files.

This is my first attempt

6 images … can’t count :)

Do a search on wiretap, I posted a full game map a while back that you can use.

Couldn’t find the map just using wiretap as the search on your site.

scking gave me an old one (missing the newest CPs), I’ll use that for the moment.

Was it a big 16mb png or something?

Yeah was 18mb, talk about oversized :)

Thanks for finding the links, nice help.

It takes quite a while to load a .png file, is there a better format for loading into GDI?, I’m using c#, once it’s in it works really nice. Tempted to scale the map down to a 1/4 of the size and do the same with the values in the xml files.

For C# probably BMP or JPEG.

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