Hail to the con!

Convention starts today, and we go the usual gaggle of congoers turned up at the office this morning; I brought in an extra large ITK (“In The Kitchen”) of sausage rolls, ham & cheese croissants, donuts, donut holes, egg rolls and eclairs. Latham brought in bagels and I slouched around in the kitchen whoring the Flavia machine out ;)

Both Blangett and MotorMouth are here again this year; I wonder if Kitty420 is gonna turn up? :)

OT readers will be interested to hear that last night JC, Moxin and MotorMouth all slept at Rafters. And if you can’t make something up out of that, Motor reports that flying makes Moxin gassy.

I don’t have a presentation this year. I did want to give one but I really don’t have anything that’s in a state I can give a presentation for and … while it might have been interesting, I just could not face standing up for 5, 10 or 15 minutes giving a presentation on why TOEs aren’t ready.

I do have a little something in mind – but no promises. I will be on the round table we’re planning tomorrow and I’ll be more than happy to answer questions generally.

Not gotten a lot done this morning – I did accidentally uninstall MySQL from our dev cluster while trying to fix something for Bable but I made up for that by helping Latham get back into his Laptop after 2 hours of various people trying (just before giving up I finally discovered his numlock key was on, which on most laptops turns half the keyboard into a keypad).

Got a couple of bottles of Faustino V that I’m hoping to crack open tonight or tomorrow; another of my indulgences from home. The first bottle, at least, is intended for Rats. I might be generous with the second if we don’t finish it off ;)


Wish I could make it this year. Drink a little for me, S!

Faustino V (not VII) is perhaps my favourite big named Rioja. Along with Siglo (1998/2001 – not 2003). Good taste sir! Enjoy!

Ah the Numlock key on laptops!

This turns out to be why people can’t log onto our network on their laptops about 90% of the time!

Of course not helped by the fact the students know this but staff seam to forget it! :-)

I’m spanish, and Faustino is a good Rioja class wine, but you should also taste some “Rivera del Duero”… may be the next year :)

Faustino V (or maybe IV?) was the first red I found worked in making red-wine, creamed potatoes :)
I’ll give Rivera del Duero a try — but I first had Faustino in a Tappas bar enroute cross-country from Bilbao to Malaga, so it also has sentimental appeal to me :)

Enjoyed meeting you Friday night.

I was only able to attend the 1 night. :( Maybe next year.

You took off early I guess to get some sleep before paint ball the next day, or a rough night the night before.

It is always good to hear about what is in the works, and to see some of the new stuff that can be shown.

Did not see you Saturday? Didn’t get a chance to try out that wine.

Doc + FPO = Baaaaad experience.

I’m at work but all I want to do is sleep after this weekend.

I wasn’t there Saturday. 90+ hours with only 2 hours of them asleep finally got to me.

Well you missed the FPO bombs.

Can I still bribe you into setting up that IT website? *wink*wink* :)

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