Smallville: What I’m talkin’ bout!

Smallville may be big on delivering teeny angst and romance-issues, but it does occasionally have some bright spark episodes. Tonights was a nice little ringer. If the continuation episode doesn’t quick-fix the damage they just wreaked on the cast, I’m definitely gonna watch the next season. I just hope the next episode will solidify it by not undoing everything in a quick fix. I think they could easily run a few noire episodes… It would really be a nice alternate twist on Superman’s early life, which I really think they’ve failed to produce so far longer than between two ad breaks.

Well, Clark has been affected by red Kryptonite for a couple of episodes, but they turn it from dark to lusty or something to take the edge back off.

On a convention related note … Apparently Moxin can no-longer handle his liquor – or even his beer. Nobody’s gotten that wasted at any convention or event so far, despite copious amounts of Flak Panzer Oil (see “Legend of Flak Panzer Oil” on their page).

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Btw, speaking of the devil: Black Gold

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