Die, Die, Die

This particular approach to re-introducing TOEs into earlier code base was looking very promising, the trail gradually leading to less and less calling functions. Then I hit a speed bump: the “post” functions (when you reserve or spawn a weapon it is “posted” to one of two lists at the facility you spawn from).

The top portion of this code path overlaps with the map/mission host. Doh, my previous approaches had automatically dealt with that. But more significantly, this is some really, really, evil code from the peak of coder narcissism in the middle days of pre-release development where the war between Elmo and Vandal was at its peak.

As you reach the top of the code path, the parameters you have to work with start getting weird… For instance, I’d utterly forgotten that vehicles aren’t registered to you – they are registered to your map host and then, to a lesser degree, to your name. Infact, actually, they are registered to the network descriptor for the map host connection the request arrived on…

I’m going to have to skim over the API, which is a little bit nebulous (custom structures FTW)! I want to avoid having to duplicate all of the TOE code onto the map host (where everything is just a different enough so that its not a matter of just re-using the code).

I think my best shot is going to be writing an API class which uses the host’s NetCode2 layer to exchange data between the two instances of itself. I’m going to have to spend some time scribbling with this to work out where to draw the line between what the map host can determine for itself and what it has to ask the strat host about.

May have to talk to Ramp about how the client does some of this stuff because its entirely possible that a lot of the code is now redundant (e.g. I believe the client now always tries to reserve a vehicle for you before it tries to spawn it; if so, the code that handles a launch-without-reservation, which is some 900 lines long, is moot).

The multi-crewing code is in here too, which has always been delicate (16 different “*_JOIN_*” structures for passing requests, allows, denies, updates, etc and some 94 functions, which I think are 100% uneccessary because the neccessary work is done on the map host; with the strat host as a redundant point of authority. Laymans terms: like always calling your mom to ask if she’s listening before you curse)

I think my problem right now is that I have about half of this junk from the old system clouding my mental model of the new system; I haven’t found that grounding point where I have a crystal clear view of what I need to keep/rewrite and what gets cut.

But I’m getting very close.


Can you temporarily disable the multicrew option for a patch cycle in order to implement the Map-Strat interaction more easily? (…like sending your mom on a 6 week cruise for your own peace and quite, but you know when she gets back you’ll have to listen to hours and hours of her stories)

No, not worth the risk of reimplementing it taking a full dev cycle of its own because of some oversight in the design of the rest of the code.

Let’s just say the reaction from the navy would be slightly vocal over the loss of multicrewing for even a temporary amount of time.

Oh, you had to bring the Mac user up again, dintcha?

– Oliver Smirk

You are no where near finished, and you never have been.

must… edit…. @#$%.

Why edit? The glorious asshole you make of yourself is quite enjoyable sometimes.

Amen, Easting. I thought he was going away in embarrassed self-destruction. Yet like any viral plague..it continues to exist in some bottle in some secret lab, just awaiting re-release. Guess we’ll just have his regurgitated anger to skim over …and over …etc. *snores*

NHorning you are a laugh riot. Your comments are so useless.

Don’t moot the useless code. Less debate and more excision!

I wish we could someday have a copy of one of those code, just to get an idea of how it works.

With the game becoming more and more complex, the coding task must probably be one of the hotest thing the team has to do.
KFS1 the game will need you forever, you’re just amazing.

Well, at least you know what you are.

He’s a tool. He did not get it then, he does not get it now and I fear he will never get it. I guess acting in this way makes him feel like he is a part of something, even if negativity is all he brings.

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